About Me

Welcome! My name is Amanda and I am a recent college graduate in this workin' world. I claim to be the mom of the cutest doggie named Bailey! I hope you enjoy my blog! And, I am 23 and thrifty! (well, now I'm 26, but it just shows how I've made a fabulous lifestyle change!)
23 and thrifty was created to share my savings with friends and family! It is so empowering to stretch my hard earned money on essential items and groceries!  hope that I can share with you how REWARDING being 23 and thrifty can be! I love going shopping now... cutting my grocery bill in half or more is JACKPOT! Scoring $60 worth of sweet goods for less than $1? Instant WINNER! It is such a compliment to have customers waiting in line at the grocery store or drugstore asking me, how did you do that? I hope this blog will be my personal journal of savings! 

My introduction to couponing is an interesting one. I had gotten my very first apartment, and it was pretty depressing to have bills as the only mail in your mailbox! One of my best friends Kelley suggested that I request free samples from various manufacturers. Eventually, I stumbled upon the most-frugal-freebie-loving blogs in the whole world wide web! I skipped over all the "coupon-match ups" at first because it didn't seem for me. Shortly after I adopted my dog, I saw some posts about how to score FREE dog food utilizing by using manufacturer and store coupons! I hopped on the coupon love train, and have been riding first-class ever since (my dog too!)

I've learned that learning to save is one of the best things you can do, even if it is just for you! My goal is to share my ways to be 23 and thrifty!


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