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Technology. And saving money. Think about it. I am completely wowed by how technology has changed the way we shop. And I'm only 23! It all boils down to word-of-mouth. I guess my mom and grandma saved money by their friends telling them "Bananas on sale at the Piggly Wiggly!" Now we have a complete abundance of money-saving resources available! I don't mean for this website to be a "top" resource for all the deals, coupon match-ups, etc, but rather a journal of my savings to show you how I am livin' thrifty. So, I'd like to share my favorite finds for finding the BEST coupon match up websites, freebie resources, etc. 

Hopping on the couponing train can be overwhelming. I've learned that a lot of the coupon match-ups sometimes overlap, leave out deals that others catch, etc. You've got to find what works for you. I like to scan a few or target some for weeks when I'm in need of groceries, or toiletries, etc! The rule I've learned to couponing is STOCKPILE! I'm not talkin for nuclear war, I mean who needs 25 bottles of shampoo? But if it's free with coupons, get it. Have a system to organize your extras! Check these guys out and enjoy!

Hip2Save - THE Resource for It ALL! Collin is the spunkiest saver I have seen on the world wide web. She posts a well-balanced list of coupon match-ups, freebies, and hosts FABULOUS giveaways! I am a Hip2Save junkie!!! Be sure to watch her "Follow Me Monday" video series, you will have a laugh and learn a lot too!

Southern Savers - A fabulous coupon-match up listing website that has all stores represented in the SOUTH! They also host couponing workshops in the South so if you're in need of a boost on couponing, check them out!

MojoSavings - Another top-notch resource for coupons, freebies, giveaways and more! I recommend checking out their website, and following them on Facebook too! It helps to keep up to date with the best DEALS and freebies!  

Free Sample Freak - I love this website! Brandie is the MASTER at all things freebies! I love getting free samples in my mail... I get to try new products, have fun stuff in the mail, and most freebies come with HIGH value coupons to pair up with sales!

Coupon Saving Game - The popular kid on the coupon block! This website has received national news coverage in this economy for their extensive list of coupon-match ups and couponing 101 and is AMAZING! Go get 'em!

Couponing to Disney - This website shows a true motivation for saving money! This family is rolling their coupon savings into a piggy bank to save for their family vaycay to Disneyworld! How fun is that? My favorite feature is the easy organized coupon match ups, for weeks when I don't have the coupon spunk or don't have the resources to go all out at the grocery stores, drug stores, I hop to this site! She lists the matchups with cues like "Target: 26 Items Under $1 and 12 are FREE!" That way I can still score deals without the exhaustion! ;)

The Bargain Buggy - This is a sweet website for those who live in Mobile, AL! Geographic specific deals and savings for Mobile and Baldwin counties! Freebies, giveaways, tips, and more! Thrifty approved! You're missing out if you're not checking it out!

Frugal Fairhope - Super sweet savings for those in Mobile and Baldwin counties in Alabama! More geographic specific deals! They even host couponing workshops so all my fam and friends in the 251 area should SIGN UPs! :)

Christian Clippers - Spending God's Money Wisely is their motto, and that's what their site helps you do! It's awesome to see what inspires people to save money and see the ways that they do that!

Be Cents Able - The ENCYCLO-flippin-pedia of ALL couponing match-up deal sites! This is great because it's organized by state, as many grocery stores differ from region to region! You can stumble upon some neat webblogs and their savings-- maybe even find one that works for you!


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