Thursday, September 20, 2012

Amazon Halloween Candy Deals! Just 15 cents or 8 cents each!

Yep! Halloween is RIGHT around the corner! Better watch out! ;)  I hate that last minute nudge to have to buy candy, and pay full price. If you welcome tricksters and treaters, you might want to snatch these candy deals on Amazon and save for Halloween trick or treaters! Or... just.... eat the whole box yourself by packing it in school lunches, smuggling into the movie theater, stashing it in your work emergency sugar drawer....

The Haribo Gold-Bears Minis, 72-Count Bags are $10.99 or $10.44 with Subscribe & Save. When you select Subscribe and Save you get FREE Shipping and score 5% off making it $10.44 or 0.15 cents each! You can cancel Amazon Subscribe & Save at anytime.

The Sour Patch Soft & Chewy Candy, Watermelon, 240-Count Package is $11.95 + $7.57 shipping (there's not a subscribe and save option to offer free shipping like the Haribo Gummi Bears) = $19.52 ($0.08 each) At .08 cents a pack--- that's an AWESOME deal! ;) And the watermelon ones are TASTY! 

Thanks Fabulessly Frugal!

The Fashion Bug Bit Me! But I Didn't Break the Bank thanks to Goodwill!

Okay, so girl's gotta SHOP! I have been on a Pretty Little Liars kick lately--- and I have to say I *love* Spencer & Aria's wardrobes. I was looking for a fun vintage shirt or something at the Daphne Goodwill today... well I didn't find a shirt, but I found a super cute BRAND NEW Merona purse from Target! And, yeah, you can sometimes find new items at thrift stores--- but you have to understand that I eyed this purse on numerous occasions at Target when it was $29.99, but never allowed myself to buy it. 

So, Goodwill, and $5.99 later, this ostrich leather purse is mine! And did you know that the Daphne, Alabama Goodwill receives final markdown/clearance/closeout items from Target? They had super cute BRAND NEW items from Target, from ballet flats, purses, wallets, and clothing items that I can recall seeing in stores mid-summer! ;) I know that the Hudson's Treasure Hunt in Mobile is the same way with Target markdowns, but often Hudson's prices are equal to what you would have paid with them on clearance at Target... :/

Speaking of thrift stores, my top six tips:

1. Sanitize! This is a given, but you can find some AWESOME clothing items at thrift stores for pennies and maybe a few dollars! I am talking White House Black Market, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor, Calvin Klein, Free People, etc if you just take the time to look. Sometimes it can be a hunt, but nothing more fun than browsing... ;) Wash it, hot water! Although thrift stores do this--- it's always good and sanitary for you to do it yourself... or maybe I'm just OCD? ;)

2. Inspect the item. Another given. Typically thrift stores will sort through items to check for any damages, tears, etc, but sometimes they can be overlooked. Look at seams, look for stains, check zippers, inspect for all buttons, etc. I'd hate to waste even pennies or a dollar on something I couldn't even wear once because of stain, broken zipper, etc. 

3. Think of "happy surprise" gifts! While in Goodwill today, I saw the Harry Potter books (all of them), the Twilight saga, and many more series they had organized next to each other on the shelf. Granted, they are "used" and may have a dog-earred page, but for someone who you know very well and loves books or hasn't gotten to reading them, they'd make what I call a "happy surprise" gift. Not the gift for Christmas or birthday, but a "Hey, I know you so well, and I saw this, and knew you had to have it!" ;) I also bought the first Charlene Harris True Blood Sookie Stackhouse book for a friend who wants to read it- $1.99. I'm pretty sure it'll make her day and get her started on the series of what, all 12-13 books?

4. Check and see if your thrift store offers discounts. I haven't checked since moving to see if any of ours do, but the ones in Montgomery, Goodwill offered a 20% off entire purchase coupon when you donated a bag of items, Faith Rescue Mission had happy hour every day with half off certain color tags, etc. Most all offer a senior day which is a discount too!

5. PINTEREST Ladies! Haven't you seen fabulous DIY crafts on Pinterest but you don't have that wooden crate shelf/curtain rod/old belts whatever to make it with? Keep on the lookout for fun items that you can repurpose a-la-Pinterest!

6. Feel pretty! Sometimes, when I get in these fashion buzz moods (Thanks Pretty Little Liars!) and I dont want to break the bank, I'll scope out thrift stores. Finding a cute shirt makes my day, and if it's only $2 and I wear it only 2 times, heck, that's a $1 a wear... and HOW MANY clothing items do we have in our closets that we paid full price for and haven't even worn or only worn once? 


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Today Only: 75% off Birthday Invites at!

Do you know someone with an upcoming birthday party? has 75% off all birthday invites, today only, 9/12! There is a perfect little one I know who is going to LOVE these Elmo birthday invites! Use coupon code CAL2136 at checkout! After you personalize the perfect party invite, you can have Cardstore address and send them for you at no extra cost! Stop by today and start planning a party that will be that your guests will be jealous you thought of first!

Cooking with Kraft Publix Coupons + FREE Mayonnaise scenario!

There are some great Publix store coupons at the Cooking with Kraft website! I used some of these in my shopping trip yesterday at Publix!

Save $4/2 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip Dressing 30 oz PRINTABLE
Save $6/2 Velveeta Cheese 32 oz PRINTABLE
B2G1 Coupon Oscar Mayer Bologna 16 oz, excludes Beef Bologna PRINTABLE 
B2G1 Coupon Velveeta Shells & Cheese 12 oz or Kraft Deluxe Dinner 14 oz PRINTABLE
B2G1 Coupon Kraft Singles 16 oz PRINTABLE
B2G1 Coupon MiO Liquid Water Enhancer PRINTABLE
B2G1 Coupon Gevalia Coffee PRINTABLE
B2G1 Coupon MAXWELL HOUSE Coffee 10.5-11.5 oz PRINTABLE 

AND for those of us with Publix new ad starting today, you can get FREE or cheap Mayonnaise, BUT you have to do it today as the $4/2 Publix coupon EXPIRES today! 

Kraft Mayonnaise, 30 oz, BOGO $4.63

-$0.25/1 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip, SS 08/19
-$4/2 Kraft Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip Dressing Publix Store Coupon printable (EXPIRES 9/12!)
-$1/1 Kraft Mayonnaise or Whipped Sandwich Spread, 22 oz+, Target Store Coupon printable
-$1/2 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip Dressing SS 08/19
-$0.50/1 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip Dressing SS 08/19

Buy two Kraft mayonnaise at BOGO $4.63, use one $4/2 Publix coupon and any of the manufacturers coupon (Not Target, you can't stack store [Publix] q's and competitor q's) = FREE plus moneymaker! 

My Publix Shopping Trip $41.35 for $127.52

Woo hoo! It's Wednesday, and a new sale at Publix! I realized I haven't posted a Publix couponing shopping trip in a while. Note that this is from LAST week, the sale that ended yesterday. Great savings all around! And, if you're looking for what great deals are out there this week (there's a bunch!), head on over to my favorite Publix matchup website, and the I Heart Publix- Publix Ad and Coupons Week of 9/13 - 9/19!

2 boxes Magnum Double Caramel ice cream bars BOGO 3.99 - two $1 mfr q's = 1.00 each
1 bag Tostito's chips BOGO 4.99 = 2.49
1 pkg Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Smoked Turkey 1lb 5.99 - $1 store q = $4.99
1 pkg Oscar Mayer Selects Premium Beef Franks 5.69 - FREE product coupon from Facebook = FREE!
1 pkg Kraft Colby Jack Natural Sliced Cheese 2.99 - $1 mfr coupon = 1.99 PLUS...
1 loaf Publix bread hoagies 2.59 - FREE Publix Bread up to $3 wyb Kraft Natural Sliced Cheese = FREE
4 bags Knorr Rice Sides BOGO 1.49 = 2.98 - two $1/2 store q's = 0.98 for all 4
3 bags Gevalia Coffee 7.99 minus B2G1 store coupon AND B1G1 mfr coupon = all 3 for $7.99 (essentially made it buy one get two free with stacking coupons!)
2 boxes Velveeta large box cheese 6.39 each = 12.78 minus $6/2 store q AND $1/2 mfr q = $5.78 for 2
7 bottles of Mio water enhancer at 3.79 = 26.53 minus two B2G1 free store q and three $1 mfr q's and two $1/2 mfr q's = 13.95 for all 7
2 boxes Crystal Light on the Go BOGO 2.99 - $1 mfr q = 1.99 for 2
1 Sweet onion 0.88
1 Tomato 0.86
2 Bell peppers = 2.18
1 Iceberg lettuce 1.49
1 Publix gallon milk = 3.59
1 Publix sour cream = 2.50
1 Chi Chi Burrito tortilas sale $1.50

I was able to use four (4) $5 off $25 Save-A-Lot coupons since I had over $100 product pre-coupon. I don't like to use more than one per purchase, and that's why I normally split my trips up, but there's been a big fuss over those coupons and enforcement of competitor guidelines, apparently everyone does it, so my cashier friend made a few jokes at me, but understood!

Total product: $127.52
Minus $86.16 in coupons, bogo sale, and Publix savings 
= paid $41.36 including tax 
= total before tax $33.24

Monday, September 10, 2012

Smashbox: FREE Mascara!

Woo hoo! Complete the first 3 challenges on the Smashbox Facebook page and score FREE Smashbox Mascara . There will be more freebies available when they release the next 3 challenges on 9/24 and on 10/1.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Let's Shop!

It's a new sales week at the drugstores including CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens!

I've listed my favorite drugstore coupon match-up websites below. This is how I plan my deals- follow these guys on Facebook, sign up for their e-mail newsletters, or visit their site daily! These websites are FAB resources for how to play the drugstore couponing game! Check them out for the full coupon matchups, hot deals on clearances and unadvertised sales, and even awesome beginner couponing scenarios!




Thursday, September 6, 2012

Show Me Your Stockpile!

Somehow, in conversation with friends, it came up that I coupon. And the friends that know me well, know that I don't go overboard, stockpile, hoard, or clear shelves. First thing the other person asks, do you coupon like the TV show? Is your house filled with food/stuff everywhere? OMG. Why not? And every time it makes me *cringe*. Nope. In case you're wondering, here's my loot. It all fits in a pantry. Sure, sometimes it can be like a game of tetris. But you won't find a basement/garage full stocked like a Sam's Club or Costco.

And, this has become a big issue for me. I've had one or two little "soapbox sessions" you could say where I've planned a shopping trip, matchup and coupons in hand, often expecting a bump or two in the road with price differences and/or flavor offerings of items... only to find out that the shelves have been cleared. And lately, instead of trying to find where an item is at, I just look for the big gaping hole of where it should be. And I know to move on. Sure, some stores have rain check policies. But do you *really* need to clear out all three stores in the area of xyz? 

Where I live, there's been chatter, buzz, scuttlebutt, whatever you want to call it- but gossip about a store's possible *new* coupon policy. And folks are getting upset. I for one, not knowing the changes, but more than likely, I will welcome the changes. One, because if a store has to re-evaluate their coupon policy, that means there's a need for change, for them. I'm hoping it will just be the *enforcement* of coupon rules and restrictions on items. Especially with competitor coupons. And people are upset because they won't be able to buy their 25 boxes of Mater shaped gluten free noodles. Because that's just how crazy some people sound to me sometimes stockpiling. :) Check out this video from on Excuses Why People Don't Coupon--- Store Policys Keep Changing. #2 IS THE ANSWER! ;)

For a good read, I recommend reading the CouponProject's post on Ethical Couponing. Not everything is like the TV show. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

B1G1 FREE Birthday Cards at!

YAY! I love sales! All birthday cards are Buy 1 Get 1 Free at! Use code: CAL2691, Valid 9/1 thru 9/30! If you haven't tried products, I suggest you jump on board NOW! I don't even purchase greeting cards at the store anymore, I just order from Cardstore, and have gotten so many compliments! It even brightened my day to see that a recipient of one of my cards posted a photo of it to Facebook... and it got a whopping 20+ something likes from their friends! ;) 

And what's better, now you pick out the perfect Birthday Card today, and schedule it to send up to a year later for your cousin's birthday. No more stock-piling generic birthday cards in that one drawer for future birthday needs, take some time to personalize the perfect card for each birthday coming up, and schedule them to arrive just in time for their birthday!


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