Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Publix Deals!

Have you checked out Southern Savers yet? If not, you're missssin out! Nah nah boo boo. Here's what I scored tonight at Publix. This sale ended tonight it should just be inspiration for what magic coupon can bring to your pantry and pocketbook. I am really proud of this couponin' excursion, as I got a lot of "healthy" stuff, whole grain and organic goods! Gotta do what we can until a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's invades the South. Check out Southern Savers for next week's coupon match up at Publix!

Publix - 04.20.10 - 22 items for $19.40 (tax and all)! 
That's about $80 worth of goods for only $20!!! :)
  The Loot:

2 boxes of Meuller's Whole Grain Pasta
1 box Quaker Oatmeal
1 box of Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal 
2 boxes Duncan Hines Whole Grain Muffin Mix
1 dozen Eggland's Best Organic Eggs
1 gallon Publix Nonfat Milk 
2 bottles of Bailey's Brand (yum!) Irish Cream and Hazelnut Creamer
2 bottles of Orchard Farms Healthy Balance Apple Juice
Stalk o' celery
4 large cans of Hormel Premium Chunk Chicken Breast
 3 large Glade 3-wick Fragrance Collection Candles (oh yeah)
1 box 24-ct Aleve
2 boxes of Reach floss
I am not going to itemize each item and the sale and coupons used, it's been a long day :), but here's my list of savings:

Saved $17.39 in manufacturer coupons
Saved $16.50 in store Publix coupons (includes the multipled coupons Publix does for under 50 cents)!
Saved $25.53 with Publix's special price savings (including BOGO! and store sales)

Thrifty Tuesday: Free Movie Rentals!

I am a big fan of those big bad red boxes. This is a pretty low-key method of bein 23 and thrifty but it's a good one. You can rent DVDs at Redbox for $1 a night. New releases, oldies but goodies, etc. I'm not a big movie goer, but still like to keep up with good entertainment. Sign up with the Redbox Monthly Movie Monday and get a FREE code sent to your cell phone via text message for a free rental. The catch is that the code is valid for the first Monday of the month-- and only that day. Eh, it's like designated Movie Night in this household. Bring on da popcorn and pjs!

Even better? Redbox releases free movie codes from time to time for mass use. Wanting a free rental now? Enter the promo code "BREAKROOM" and "DVDONME" (and DVDATWAG at Walgreen's Redboxes) to score free rentals, anytime of the month! You can only use those codes once... as they are linked to your debit card. But... you can use those codes once with a different debit/credit card. And there are Redboxes all over town, so you can drop it off on your way to work, no late fees. So far, I've been good about gettin those lil DVDs back on time... so it's all been FREE!

Free entertainment for those folk without the fancy cable... y'know those movie channels.  ;)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Couponing Fever: Michael's, Target, and PetsMart!

I've been on a couponing kick! I don't know why either! I've made quite a few posts this week, and that many couponing trips, but luckily I'm organized with my couponing feng shui so these trips didn't take long at all! And, since I promised myself I'd document my savings for a year, here goes even more! Keepin it 23 and thrifty!

Michael's, Target, and PetsMart - 04.14.10 - 11 items for $10.48 (tax and all)!
Saved $35.99 with coupons and sales! That's about $46 of goods for $10!

One 2-pack of 8x10 art canvases - $6.49
on sale for $3.59
Final Price= $2.15

One 2-pack of 11x14 art canvases - $8.49
on sale for $4.79
Final Price= $2.84

Cute Post It Notes Set - clearance for 25 cents

Cute Gift/Mailing Labels Set - clearance for 25 cents
 Total paid at Michaels: $6.04


Chef Michael's Dog Food 1.5lb Bag - $4.49
minus $2 Manufacturer Coupon AND $1 Target Coupon
Final Price = $1.49

Crest Pro Health Gigantor Bottle of Mouthwash - $6.99
on clearance for $3.37
minus $2 coupon from newspaper
Final Price= $1.37 

Johnson's Bath Buddies Soap - $1.12 (for baby shower gift I'm building)
minus $1 internet printable coupon (no longer available)
Final Price = $.12 cents
Total paid at Target: $3.68 (Paid with a $5 Gift Card from previous store promo!)

I headed back to PetsMart this week to score some more FREE treats!
 My dog Bailey went to TOWN on these treats!!!

Milkbone Essentials Long Lasting Treats - $5.99 each
on sale for $1.99 each with Pets Perks Card (free sign up in store or online)
(Thanks Hip2Save!)
Total Paid at PetsMart = $.76 cents, tax only!

More of My Publix Deals!

I had to scoop up some more Publix weekly deals before they ended 4/13! I've made a lot of "little" couponing trips, but luckily the stores are on my way home from work! ;)

Publix - 04.13.10 - 6 items for $1.57 (tax and all)! 

Coffee Mate Creamer  - $1.99
on sale BOGO making it 99 cents each 
Final Price = $.49 cents for 3 coffee creamers!
Betty Crocker Instant Mashed Po-tah-toes 
on sale 10/$10 making it $1 each
minus 40 cent internet printable Q that doubled to 80 cents off
(Montgomery Publix doubles Qs up to 50cents)
Final Price = $.60 cents for three boxes!  

And, yes I like a little coffee with my cream! And, check the expiration! Mine are good until November 2010! :)

My Walgreens Deals!

Walgreens - 04.13.10 - 5 items for $4.57 (tax and all)!
Saved $23.79 with coupons, sales and Register Rewards!

Rembrandt Mouthwash - $7.99 each
on sale Buy One Get One Free this week (ends 4/17)
Minus two $3 off internet printable Qs (one coupon for each- hit your browser's back button to print another)
Final Price = $1.99 for 2!

Kotex U - $4.59 each
on sale for $3.49 this week eligble for $2.50 Register Reward
Final Price = paid $2.50 but FREE after $2.50 Register Reward!

Arizona Sweet Tea - $.99 ( I was thirsty)
Minus $.40 Walgreens Weekly Ad coupon
Final Price = $.69 cents

Bag of Ice - $1.99
Not on sale. Don't care either, no auto icemaker. And I'll need ice for my ICED COFFEE for all those creamers! ;)

This was two transactions I split up. I used $2 Register Reward from previous transaction to help pay on the first one and $2.50 Register Reward to help pay on the second one making my Total paid = $4.57!

Couponing Thoughts

I have had the couponing fever this week! I was thinking when someone asked me today, "how often do you coupon?" and for me, it differs. The past six or so months of couponing, I have done quite a few "big" couponing purchases as in receipt total a significant amount, and then a lot of the "short and quick" couponing excursions as most of my posts have been so far. It really depends on the deals, if I need it, and my stockpile! Speaking of, I know some of you are looking at this post like what the heck is she going to do, live off mashed potatoes and coffee creamer? Nope! I felt the same way when I began to follow coupon blogs. It's all about scooping up as many of a product as you can with great deals within reason. If I can get it for 3 cents, 20 cents, or a significant percentage off the regular price and it doesn't expire until December, and it's something I will use, what difference is it going to make if its on the grocery store's shelf vs. my pantry or fridge? ;)

Couponing has helped me in many ways. I have saved a LOT of money for one, but even more. I have learned to budget and plan meals. When my pantry and fridge are full, I've learned I eat a lot better than snacking or ordering food to-go. And ordering to-go food is my worst habit. I've learned that I can get about $30 worth of groceries on the $10 dollars I would spend on getting some boring burger, sandwich, or something to-go. Each week the deals at Publix change, so I can keep spending that money on groceries, and meat and produce, and keep it going. Also, I used to purchase generic on items I didn't have a die-hard preference on. Now, I'm alllll name-brand, simply because it's cheaper than the generic with coupons! I've learned to have the necessities and personal care items I need on hand. So, no CVS trips just for an overpriced toothpaste. And it's given me more money to spend elsewhere, i.e. eating out with friends, shopping, bills, road trips, etc! I'm still getting there, but from here on out, it's keepin it 23 and thrifty!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday: Kraft First Taste and FREE Food!

Have you signed up for Kraft First Taste? It's a FREE club for all lovers of Kraft food products! You get a sneak peek at new Kraft products, get to review them and share your opinion! In simpler words, they send you coupons for FREE full-size food products by snail mail and high-value coupons to share with friends! And it's easy as PIE!!!

I have gotten coupons in my mail box that I have redeemed at the grocery store for full size packages of FREE Oreo Cakesters, Digorno 200 Calorie Pizzas, Jello Mousse Delights, Philidelphia Cream Cheese Singles, and more! The coupon is sent to your home address, and is redeemable for a "FREE" product to $x.xx amount at the grocery store. The other coupons they send are to share with family and friends, usually at least a dollar if not more! The "review" process is easy as 1,2,3 also! It is nine short drop-down menu questions evaluating the product and it's benefit to you! It takes less than a minute to complete. The reviews are not required, but heck, if they're buying it I'll tell them how much I liked it! ;)

The sign-up is pretty basic. I always recommend to set up an alternate e-mail account for your couponing endeavors, as those e-mails can PILE UP quick! How the e-club works is that they will send you an e-mail with your special Kraft First Taste Offer whenever they are available. I think so far I have received about one every month! Many of the blogs I follow will make a post when a new offer is available, making it easier to know when there is some free food! You will log in at www.kraftfirsttaste.com and click the "My Offers" tab as seen below. Enter your address and about a week to two weeks later, viola! Coupons in your mailbox.

This isn't that exciting of a deal, but every bit helps! I mean it's one less snack or lunch to buy a month! Who doesn't like free food? Some of the products I wouldn't think to buy or pay to try, but you get to try it for FREE! And I have no complaints about free! :) I've probably redeemed coupons for about $30 worth of yummy snack food! And Kraft knows how to do good food! That's a great impact in my food budget! Woo!  Head over to KraftFirstTaste to sign up, it's free!

Monday, April 12, 2010

CHEAP Art Canvases at Michael's!

I have been telling *everyone* I know about this deal! I love all things crafts, and being "Martha!" You can score super cheap stretched canvases at Michael's this week until 4/17! Canvas two-packs are on sale for basically half off or so (I'm not a math person), and you can combine with the 40% off your total art canvas purchase coupon (includes regular and sale priced items) for CHEAP CHEAP! 

2-pack 18x24 Canvas $8.99 (Reg. $15.99) only $5.34 w/coupon!
2-pack 16x20 Canvas $5.79 (Reg. $9.99) only $3.47 w/coupon
2-pack 11x14 Canvas $4.79 (Reg. $8.49) only $2.84 w/coupon
2-pack 8x10 Canvas $3.59 (Reg. $6.49) only $2.15 w/coupon
These are so cheap you could really have some thrifty crafty fun! Paint some cute gifts for Christmas, or something for your shabby chic apartment, or heck, even host your own corks and canvas party! ;) I've already got some ideas! 

Thanks to Deal Finding Chik for this fabulous deal alert! Check out her blog for all things thrifty-- free samples, coupon match ups, and super deals!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My PetsMart Deals!

Here's what I scored at PetsMart this morning! It's been such beautiful weather that I have gone on so many walks with my dog, so I felt I should treat him to a PetsMart trip! 

PetsMart - 04.11.10 - 4 items for $1.66 (tax and all)!
Saved $25 with coupons, sales and free membership with Pet Perks card!
Who says having a pet can be an "extra" expense with food costs?! My dog wanted to be in the picture, he was eagerly awaiting those treats!

Eukanuba Nature's Wilderness Food - $10.99
on sale for $8.99 with Pets Perks Card (free sign up in store or online)
Minus $10 off any size Eukanuba Dog Food (previous signup on manufactuer website)
Final Price = FREE plus $1 overage!

Milkbone Essentials Long Lasting Treats - $5.99 each
on sale for $1.99 each with Pets Perks Card (free sign up in store or online)
Final Price = FREE for two bags of treats!

Pup-peroni Bacon Sticks - $2.99 on clearance
Minus $1 coupon from newspaper coupon 
Final Price = 99 cents after coupon and overage from Eukanuba food!

Total paid = $1.66! And the PetsMart employees were so proud! They loved Bailey too! This Milkbone deal ends on 5/2 in-stores! I love it when I score pet food deals, as it's a fabulous item to stock-pile and save up! Bailey loves it too!

Thanks to Hip2Save for this deal info! Check out their original post!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My CVS Deals!

Have you hopped on the drugstore couponin' game? Or, as I like to call it... MONOPOLY money! These stores offer "incentive" shopping with CVS' Extra Care Bucks (ECB) and Walgreen's Register Reward (RR) programs. Weekly ads state which products in store will be on sale for what price, and if they are valid for an ECB/RR! An ECB/RR is basically what I called "monopoly money" a coupon/receipt for a set amount of "dollars" for your next purchase. Say shampoo is on sale for $4.99 and is eligible for a $4 ECB/RR. You pay $4.99 out of pocket, and will receive a $4 ECB/RR for next time. If you have a coupon for said shampoo, say a $2 coupon, you would pay $2.99 after the coupon and still get back a $4 ECB/RR! Quantity limits and fun little quirks apply, but you can "roll" these and combine with coupon-match ups for some mad deals! Check out The Bargain Buggy's intro to CVS 101 and Walgreens 101 to learn how to SAVE at drugstores! From there, follow the match ups and go! 

I was raised to avoid drugstores as they are often overpriced for items, and used to only shop when it was an emergency. I learned how to roll the rewards, and WOW! It really adds up. I checked my reciept from this purchase, and my 2010 spring spending to date was $19.95 and total 2010 savings to date (with CVS weekly ad sales, coupons, and ECBs was $180.82!)

CVS - 04.10.10 - 5 items for $4.25 (tax and all)!
Saved $17.22 with coupons and sales!

A pretty low-key trip, but some SWEET tooth deals and gettin my HAIR did savings!

Hershey's Easter Candy on sale 50% off - 3 bags for $5.22 minus $2/3 internet printable Q (I'm actually not a big chocoholic, but hey, chocolate freezes! ;) 
Pantene Styling Products on sale $2.99 ea + $1 ECB (limit 3) minus $3/2 newspaper coupon = $2.98 (and got back $2 in ECB! That's 50 cents each!)

So essentially my checkout total was $12.25, minus $5 in coupons, I used $1 in ECB I had leftover from previous trip, paid $6.25 and got back $2 in ECBs making all 5 items only $4.25!

My Publix Deals!

I had to hit Publix before this week's sale ad ended (4/13) and here is what I scored! I love Publix! They have fabulous BOGO specials weekly, and great product selection, and take store cleanliness seriously! Luckily, my area Publix grocery stores double coupon values up to 50 cents and do not make you buy two to get the BOGO price! Doesn't all of this make ya just want to start couponin'? I've typed out the bottom line with explanations for those new folks! Check out Southern Savers for their fabulous coupon match-up list for next week (beginning 4/11!) and get to couponin'!

Publix - 04.10.10 - 14 items for $10.76 (tax and all)!
Saved $25.50 with coupons and sales! That's $36 of goods for about $11!
(Low quality pic - oops!)
TGIF Fridays Spinach and Artichoke Dip on sale for $3.00 minus $1.50 internet printable (IP) Q (zip 16030) = $1.50
Oscar Meyer Deli Creations Sandwich (who needs Firehouse Subs?!) on sale $2.50 minus $1 internet printable Q = $1.50
Yoplait Fiber-One Yogurt 4-pk $2.50 on sale BOGO making it $1.25 minus $1 internet printable Q = 25 cents
Strawberries on sale 4/$5 = $1.25 (YUM!)
Coffee Mate Creamer $1.99 on sale BOGO making it 99 cents each minus two (2) 75 cent internet printable Qs AND Buy 2 Get 1 Free internet printable Q = 49 cents for 3 coffee creamers!!!
Betty Crocker Instant Mashed Po-tah-toes on sale 10/$10 making it $1 minus 40 cent internet printable Q that doubled to 80 cents off making it 40 cents for two boxes!!!
Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix $2.61 on sale BOGO making it 1.30 minus 40 cent internet printable Q that doubled to 80 cents off making it 50 cents
Planters Roasted Sunflower Seeds $1.69 minus $1.50 internet printable Q (no longer available) = 19 cents!
Kraft Philly Cheese Singles $1.89 minus FREE coupon from Kraft First Taste e-Club (sign up!!! free coupons by snail mail!!!) = free!
Del Monte Sun Fresh Mandarin Oranges and Sliced Peaches $2/5 minus Buy One Get one Free Coupon from Vocalpoint (sign up!!! free coupons, samples, and products by snail mail) = $2.50 for 2!

Oh yeah! As you can see, a lot of the deals I scored were with internet printable Q's!!! No need to clip. Check out my favorite coupon-match up websites and couponing for beginners posts! Start with that, and once you get started... it's all thrifty from there!

Beginner Tip

This is for those of you just beginning your couponing journey! If you're going to start becoming an avid couponer and following blogs, I'd recommend creating an alternate e-mail address. Often times, in order to sign up for an internet printable coupon other than Bricks, Smart Source or Redplum website coupons, you will have to sign up on the manufacturer's website, requiring an e-mail address. After a while, this really can clutter your inbox. The same applies for free sample requests from Walmart.com, manufacturer websites, etc.
So, head on to G-Mail and make yourself a couponing e-mail address. I'm a fan of G-Mail because who doesn't love Google? This way, you can get your couponin' e-mail groove on when you feel, and not let it clutter your inbox!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday: Publix Shopping

Grab yo shopping bags, we're hitting Publix for this week! Since most of my friends who are interested in this are new to the wide world web of coupons, take a peek at what I've got on my list, then check out the full coupon-match up! Even if you haven't started clipping coupons, a lot of these great deals you can get with just internet printable Q's! (Remember to hit your back button to print a max of 2 coupons!) Wahoooo!

Here are the nuts and bolts to Publix shopping applicable to Montgomery, AL.
  • You do not have to buy 2 of the BOGO items to get it at sale price. (BOGO Items are essentially half-off).
  • Most Publix locations double manufacturer coupons that are 50¢ or less. 
  • Publix allows you to stack a manufacturer coupon AND a Publix store coupon.
  • To score the thriftiest deal, when purchasing BOGO items, use 2 coupons total-- one for each item!
There are numerous coupon match-ups for Publix. My favorite for Publix is Southern Savers! I Heart Publix is a great resource too! First let's check out my finds at Publix this week (4/5 - 4/13)! Keep in mind, it is really helpful to "stockpile" certain items that are at a great price that won't expire before you use them!

My Publix Shopping List thanks to the Coupon-Match Ups:

BOGO Kellogg’s Special K Cereal, 11.4-14 oz, or Granola, 19.5 oz, at normally $3.99 ($1.99) BOGO
-$1 off Kellogg’s Special K Granola printable (makes it 99¢)
BOGO Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie, or Dessert Bar Mix, 19.8-22.5 oz, at $2.59 ($1.29)
-.40/1 Betty Crocker Supreme Brownies printable (makes it 49¢)

BOGO Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt, 4 pk, at $2.50 ($1.25)
-$1 off Yoplait printable (makes it 25¢)
-$1 off Fiber One Yogurt printable or printable or Eat Better America Mailer
-.50/1 Fiber One Yogurt, SS 3/21
-.75/1 Fiber One printable

BOGO Coffee-mate Creamer, 16 oz, at $1.99 (99¢)
B2G1 Coffee-mate Creamer printable
-.75/1 Coffee-Mate RP 2/07, or printable
-$1/2 Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer SS 3/28
-$1.50/2 Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer, SS 3/28
.50/1 Coffee-Mate Creamer RP 2/07
(buy 3, use (2) -.75/1 coupons and B2G1 coupon makes it 16¢ ea)

Other Advertised Deals: (not BOGO)
Green Giant Frozen Vegetables, 7-10 oz pk, $1.00
-.60/3 Green Giant Boxed Veggies, SS 3/28, 3/07, 2/21
-.50/1 Green Giant Boxed Veggies printable
(IE) or printable (FF) (makes it FREE)

Heluva Good Dip $1.49
-.50/1 Heluva Good Dip printable (IE) or printable (FF) (makes it .49)

 Are you pumped? Check out the full Publix Weekly Coupon Match Up at Southern Savers! Still need some extra help? Check out the Bargain Buggy's Publix 101!

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Feature to 23 and Thrifty

Since 23 and thrifty is still in it's training-wheels stages, I will feature a new coupon-walkthrough each Tuesday! It'll be called Thrifty Tuesdays! I'm super pumped because it's my favorite grocery store in the South- Publix! Stay tuned...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Target Deals!

So, here's my first effort at documenting my sweet couponing score in the 6+ months I've been 23 and thrifty! I will say, it's not that fabulous of a deal in terms of percentage savings, items, etc, but it's the essentials! More sweet scores to come!

Target - 03.31.10 - 6 items for $13.98 OOP!
Saved $18.49 with coupons and sales!
Tide Stain In-Wash Booster Powder 26oz - on clearance $4.88 minus $3 Q 
Swiffer Dusters 3pk - on sale $3.49 minus $1 Q
Johnson's Detangling Spray - on sale $2.99 minus $1 Q
Up+Up Brand Large 3pk Baby Wipes - on clearance $3.26 minus $1 Q
Always Infinity - on sale $6.99 minus $2 Q
Tampax Pearl - on sale $6.99 minus $2 Q 
PLUS FREE $5 Gift Card for purchasing 2 Always or Tampax products!

Bottom line: Paid $18.75 and got a $5 gift card for my next thrifty excursion = $13.98 deal for $32.39 worth of products :) Keepin it 23 and thrifty!

Welcome to 23 and Thrifty!

Welcome! My name is Amanda and I am a recent college graduate in this workin' world. I claim to be the mom of the cutest doggie named Bailey! I hope you enjoy my blog! And, I am 23 and thrifty! 

23 and thrifty was created to share my savings with friends and family! It is so empowering to stretch my hard earned money on essential items and groceries!  hope that I can share with you how REWARDING being 23 and thrifty can be! I love going shopping now... cutting my grocery bill in half or more is JACKPOT! Scoring $60 worth of sweet goods for less than $1? Instant WINNER! It is such a compliment to have customers waiting in line at the grocery store or drugstore asking me, how did you do that? I hope this blog will be my personal journal of savings! 

My introduction to couponing is an interesting one. I had gotten my very first apartment, and it was pretty depressing to have bills as the only mail in your mailbox! One of my best friends Kelley suggested that I request free samples from various manufacturers. Eventually, I stumbled upon the most-frugal-freebie-loving blogs in the whole world wide web! I skipped over all the "coupon-match ups" at first because it didn't seem for me. Shortly after I adopted my dog, I saw some posts about how to score FREE dog food utilizing by using manufacturer and store coupons! I hopped on the coupon love train, and have been riding first-class ever since (my dog too!)

I've learned that learning to save is one of the best things you can do, even if it is just for you! My goal is to share my ways to be 23 and thrifty! This blog is under construction, but I hope to share my savings, thriftiness, and more!


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