Sunday, October 10, 2010

Laundry Dayyys!

It doesn't take much to excite me. About a week ago I went to Lowes to look for something. I can't even remember what now. But, I always end up going down the household cleaner aisle. Once in a blue moon, I'll find something I need that's on "markdown". And yes, why the heck does Lowes mark things down?

Well, I SCORED three bottles of Method 32 load Water Lily fabric softener at 1.48 each on clearance! No coupons used! They normally were 8.99 there... and I've seen them at Target from about 8 - 10$! Three bottles for $5 with tax! Wooo, and it smells wonderful too! And, I love coupons, but anytime I can score a sweet deal on some laundry essentials I try and stock up! So, if you're ever perusing Lowes or Home Depot, check out their household cleaner aisle! 

Simple Things...

I absolutely love my neighborhood's maillady. We don't have normal mailboxes, but rather boxes next to our house's front doors. First of all, she's wonderful and always delivering my mail, and, let's say that's a lot with the free samples I request. 

Most of all, I love how she is so sweet to my doggy! About two years ago when I moved in, she saw me unpacking boxes on my porch and got to say hello to Bailey. Ever since then, she has always left him a "bone-bone" with my mail. Usually it's on a chair in my front porch. And, Bailey is trained to go get it after we go for our walk.

It's my first home as a big girl, but, I enjoy the simplicity of a nice maillady. Ever so often, I will buy a box of Milkbones with coupons or extra Register Rewards/CVS bucks and write her a note from Bailey to thank her... but... pretty much, it's the simple things in life!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Creative Uses for Freebies

"Go sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here!" is my motto for some things in life. I've learned that in this world there are people who think you are practically looney for trying to save money or enjoy a lifestyle you're accustomed to with couponing. Or, if you are able to put your frugal skills to creative uses, that's a red flag too apparently? And, it can make me think, goodness, am I crazy? But, so far, I have adapted pretty well from college to the big girl world. And, disregarded the crazy looks too. ;)

I began my "23 and thrifty" journey by requesting free samples from manufacturer's websites. My first apartment and my "own" mailbox... and all it would be filled with was bills. After a while, I saw coupon-match ups. Since I had adopted my dog Bailey, I saw a deal where you could get free dogfood with store and manufacturer's coupons. I didn't know what the heck I was doing at the coupon game, but since I'd been very frugal and conscious of the financial responsibility of taking on a pet, I thought I'd give it a try. And, it worked. I think there was a spark that went off in my brain. From there, I started riding the coupon train ever since... and my dog too! I enjoy it, and it has been a blessing to be able to enjoy life and has helped me organize my finances and give me a sense of empowerment for being so coupon-savvvy!

I follow for many deals, coupons, free samples, etc. They made a post about a free freaky stuffed animal toy for children for the first five shoppers who said "Free Freaky Fridays". Collin at Hip2Save makes me laugh, one reason why I enjoy frequenting her website so much! Let me tell you, I camped out for this deal! HA! For some reason, every day I am at the mall... ;) and, well, I managed to pop in and I actually remembered the "deal". Since the employees know I am a frequent shopper, I asked them if they were having a "FREE FREAKY FRIDAY!" to give them a giggle. Luckily, they were participating in the promotion and I got a free stuffed animal. Those things are normally 14.95! No way jose! But, from what I hear, these things are all the rage with kids, more geared towards boys, and are kind of like Webkinz and have an online code to play online with and have a "good" side and a "bad" side you can flip them inside and out. I was the first one to score this deal (go figure, HA!) and I gave it to my "child". I hope some other shoppers were able to indulge in this *exclusive* deal... as when I got mine... it was late lunch! Ha! Take a peek. 

And, it's completely silly, but my dog loves his new toy. And has carried it around with him for the past hour. And, it was free. It's the simple things in life? ;)

(Yard) Sailin' takes me away...

Yard sales can be pretty nifty at times. It's like heads or tails though. You win, you lose. Super sweet items or junk. And, I'll admit, it's a little weird to buy someone's stuff. I search yard sales for neat decor items, nic nacs, or crafts that I can transform. It's crazy to see what some people will try and sell though... but It's been a pretty good route so far with decorating my home to my style without breakin' da piggy bank. 

About a month ago, I scored this darling bathroom toiletry shelf  for $0.25 at a yardsale in my fun neighborhood. And, it was in new condition. Not damaged or any signs of wear. Since I have a pretty old apartment, my kitchen is very small. And, I'm talking old like 1940's or 50's. You'd think since they didn't have fast food and dining out habits as we did the kitchen would be a litttttle bit bigger. Well, instead of using this shelf in my bathroom, I put it on the wall above my stove. Viola. Spice rack. I was able to find spice jars at Target on clearance too... :)

I've found that is very helpful in finding yard sales. You can search for yard sales in your city, and it pulls posts from your newspaper and other postings and allows you to have them right in one place. Since most folks who go through the work of putting their yard sale in the newspaper listing or on the newspaper website, 9 times out of 10 they are the "better" yard sales. And, if you know your city, you can sort of scout out which neighborhoods you think would fit your likes. I will say, hitting up Starbucks and driving around on a Saturday morning just looking for signs can be fun and relaxing too... ;)


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