Thursday, September 30, 2010

FREE 8x10 Collage Photo Print

Yipee. You can score a free 8x10 photo collage print at Walgreens! Valid Thursday, 9/30 thru Friday, 10/1. If you place your order online Friday, October 1 you can still pick it up in-store for free this weekend or whenever you're out and about! ;) Visit Walgreens Photo Center online and create your collage print and enter the coupon code FBCOLL when you check out. Remember to select in-store pickup and there is no shipping and completely free!  

These are fun for teachers, families, projects, etc. A few of my uses for these include:
  • Making a collage of fun photos of friends and outings, adding a title with a fun quote, and viola! Clutter free yet fun fridge photos. Think tailgating photos and ROLL TIDE? ;)
  • Making a "titled" photo (instead of your "normal" collage) and adding a quote or event title at the bottom. 
  • Making a collage of photos and cutting them up to slip into mailed birthday cards to family. I did this with a few pics from childhood with my grandparents. It's a nice treat for them... as many years have passed and fun memories to remember!
And, it's free. No harm, no foul. ;)

Workin' da Walgreens

Saving money in more areas... ;) I have to say I love Walgreen's Register Rewards program. I didn't roll or wheel and deal, but it's just something about the idea of paper money. ;) I scored some cheap (literally? ;) makeup and a few trinkets. Lemme tell ya, I love love love my MAC foundation and eyeshadows, along with Clinique products, but sometimes you gotta stretch your pennies and your cosmetics a little further? There are some things I choose NOT to save money on, and makeup is one of them, but, the way experiment with new looks or how often I lose makeup or find a lipstick stashed away from months ago... should be helpful. And I'm in my 20's... no need for fancy pancy stuff 24/7.

Walgreens 9.30.10 - 16 items for $4.56
(savings of $21.50 with in-ad coupons, sales, and mfr coupons!)

 8 small Halloween trinket cups = $1 w/in ad coupon

Large Fleece Blanket = $1.99 w/in ad coupon
(this is for my Doggy's crate.. he loves to burrow and with winter coming up I got to get him new linens! ;)

Assortment of Wet n Wild cosmetics = on sale 50% off
plus $5 off purchase of $10 of Wet n Wild products from September All You Magazine

Transaction total= $8.56
minus $4 Walgreens Register Reward (paper money)
Total paid= $4.56
$30.06 worth of goods for $4.56!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Free Samplesss

Check out these links to sign up for the specific samples! I personally love receiving samples, because not only do I get to try new products, but they often come with high value coupons (higher than the ones you would receive via newspaper coupon inserts!) and, well... I just like getting things in my mailbox other than bills. ;) I might even take a snapshot of a week or two worth of samples or so... hmm.

Over the year and a half I've been keeping it 23 and thrifty, samples come in handy! Many of the body care item samples I've used to stock my travel toiletry bag, make an office toiletry kit, stash in my purse, or simply use. And, signing up for these samples takes less than a minute! To make it even faster, I use the Firefox web browser and have found that the Mozilla Firefox company created "Autofill Forms" plugin works great. After installing small plugin in Firefox, you enter your information in the options field when configuring Autofill Forms. When entering your info to request a free sample, I right click and hit "autofill all fields" and it automatically fills in my info! Sometimes I have to enter an item as the form field didn't match the label of autofill entry, but definitely a timesaver to look into! I am sure there are things like this for the Internet Explora folks too.

If you're new to free samples, I recommend signing up for the free sample with your "couponing/freebie" e-mail address from Gmail, Yahoo, etc. so your personal inbox is not filled with promo emails. Sometimes you have to sign up with the manufacturer for the sample. And, with all sample requests there is usually a box to check if you would like to receive promotional e-mails from the company, which you can simply uncheck if you would not like to receive those e-mails... hint! ;) Sad thing is, sometimes free samples can hit their quota and you will be directed to a page stating that before you can request a free sample. But, there's always another one just around the corner I say!

And, with requesting free samples, I always step on the side of caution. I follow free sample and couponing blogs with numerous fans so the posts are often vetted. Manufacturer website sample requests are legit.,, and free sample requests are legit too. Many of the "Facebook" sample promotions are legit as well. Wee.

Since this blog is more of a reflection and log of my couponing journey and changed lifestyle in this economy, I wanted to try and share from time to time the scoop. I hope you enjoy these!

Sign up for these FREE samples: 

Crest Pro Health Clinical Gum Protection Toothpaste - from 
Dove Daily Moisture Lotion Sample - from Costco
Dove Energy Glow Moisturerizer - from manufacturer - already translated from Spanish - valid for US Residents 
Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - from 
John Frieda Root Awakening Hair Care - from manufacturer
Breath Right Strips from manufactuer - sample of 2 -for those who zzzz loudly!
Nestcafe Tasters Choice instant coffee packets - from manufacturer - perfect for work! 
Quaker Life Breakfast Bars - from
Shout Color Catcher for Laundry - from manufacturer
Wisk Laundry Detergent - from - click the hexagon left of the "WISK" name on bottle 

Over & Out! Peace!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dollar Tree Organization

Organization on a dime. I am not ashamed to admit I love the Dollar Tree for certain items. This post isn't the most exciting for some, but for me I am jazzzed. My favorite one to shop at near Montgomery is one in Wetumpka, it's about 5 minutes from work and has a good selection and is always organized and well stocked. 

I usually hit them up for items I can score for cheap if there's not a coupon for it, or for fun decoration nic nacs to make crafts. And, especially for helium birthday/etc celebration balloons. Dorrrrk.

A while back a pipe had a heavy leak under my kitchen sink. I had to move out all of my cleaning supplies, tools, wall paint, paintbrushes, etc for the folks to repair. It was a pain, because all of it was thrown under there, looking like a bomb exploded at Home Depot or something, and well, for the past two weeks since the leak's been fixed Ive had a stockpile of cleaners and other stuff listed above sprawled out in my kitchen floor. 
I hit up Target hoping to find some clearance Rubbermaid tubs, as they have a lot of "dorm" organization, decor, etc gear on clearance for 75%, but none were to be found, and, the size I was looking for to fit under my sink were like 6.50 a pop on "sale". I said no maam.

I ended up hitting up the Dollar Tree to see if they had anything of use. As always, they have the small shoebox plastic things, and many other cheap yet small tubs/containers... I even thought about using the round plastic laundry hampers, but decided against it because of the holes and things maybe being able to slip out.

I hit the jackpot when I found these BIG thick round black plastic tubs. They're not the buckets for washing your car. They're about three times the size of those babys. I bought three of them. They fit perfectly under my sink. I got one for home improvement/toolbox, household cleaners/cleaning items, and another for stockpile items I have to keep those separate from ones currently open. And, since they're round and the perfect height, I hung a lot of my spray cleaners around the edges.

It's the darndest thing, but that $3 made my day and will probally save me lots of heck and frustration when I'm all like "WHERE ARE MY SWIFFER DUSTTTTERS?" meltdowns when cleaning.

So, plain and simple, dorky, but, my under kitchen sink is now organized, and on the cheap. Thank heavvvvvvens. Although there are some questionable items at Dollar Tree, you can score some good things for organizing around the house. I plan to get some fun photo boxes (cardboard) to organize stationary and other crafty stuff later on.

And, yes, I know this is dorky, but as much as I love reading Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living, I flip my lid at their must have "organizational" items and the cost of them. One day I'll have the shisshy-poo poo Martha endorsed organizing props. Until then, them tubs keep my stuff organized just the same. Simplicity.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fast Food Frugality!

Take a peek at how I get frugal with fast food! ;) Thanks to couponing, I have been better at having a well-stocked pantry and fridge to prevent that "there's nothing to eat... out to eat I go!" urge. From time to time, I do find myself busy or for whatever craving catching some fast food. You know those silly customer survey's on many of them? Those are like GOLD to me! I have developed a system to organize and use them, as with anything, organization is key, especially with trying to save money! I have a mini coupon accordian probally from the dollar store which I file many of my fast food reciepts in to complete and completed sections. Since I practically have a duffle bag for a purse, I keep it in my purse so it's handy when I am out and about, and also for when I am home and bored on the internet will fill out those surveys. Take a peek at how I have fun and get FREE food with these! ;)

We have a Chick-Fil-A where I work, and I swear I win the customer survey receipt lottery about EVERY purchase I make there. Often, since I pack a lunch, I will make a small purchase for a Coke, a side of carrot and raisin salad snack, or ice cream cone, etc every one in a while! When my receipt prints, it has the section like the image above. It is a simple survey you fill out online (takes 2 minutes) and write the code on your receipt and bring back next time and it gets you a FREE Chick-Fil-A Sandwich with NO restrictions or additional purchases required! And, my LUCK today, I redeemed one survey for a free sandwich, paid nothing, and it printed out ANOTHER free sandwich survey! Wahooooo. And, since I love this particular Chick-Fil-A and their employees, I have no hard time in filling out that survey to give them a boost and me a FREE lunch for 2 minutes of my time. :)

Another fast food fun for me, I have an addiction to a beverage at my Arby's called Sobe Citrus. It's not like the SobeLifewater variety, but I swear it is like my Starbucks! It's kind of like an adult tasting Sunkist on crack. If I am running errands and want a treat, I will get one of those drinks for about $2. On the back of EVERY Arby's reciept is a survey via phone or website to complete (takes 2 minutes) and on your next visit you recieve a FREE Regular Roast Beef Sandwhich or Beef 'n' Cheddar Sandwich with NO restrictions or additional purchase required! I fill those bad boys out, file them in my fast food survey reciept/coupon accordion, and on days I forgot to pack my lunch or got a craving for food score me a free sandwich. Yeah, fast food isn't the best, but, as many of us know, it is convenient from time to time, and I always try to minimize costs where I can!

A thing I have learned with these fun reciept surveys, is that although they have restrictions such as "complete within x days after visit" and "promotion only valid for x days after survey completion" I have never had any problem with completing the survey a week or more later, and even redeeming surveys that were months old! Many other fast food restaurants do this, and some of their surveys are for free items on your next visit or are conditionary as in free sandwich with purchase of fries/drink/etc.

So, that's how I cheapskate the fast food realm too. ;) Another purpose for those fun mini coupon accordians in addition to organizing fast food receipt free item surveys is to also put any fast food coupons from signing up with the company's e-mail coupon blasts that you know you will use and also any fast food, Starbucks, etc gift cards you may have, as mine get buried or hidden in my wallet. 

I think sometimes the drive thru cashiers may giggle at me or think I am a little OCD, but looking at how much I spend on fast food, even in very rare occasions at indulging, it is redonk. So, yeah, 23 and thrifty! 

Publix Baby Club & More

Sign up with Publix programs for special money saving coupons! I have signed up for Publix mailings for some time now and regularly receive their publications which often include nice value store coupons for select products, and at many times $5 off your $30 purchase which can help your end out of pocket costs too! 

My trick for Publix after making my "coupon shopping list" from Southern Savers coupon-match ups is to always try to use one of these coupons, or a competitor $x off $x purchase coupon, as my stores allow Winn Dixie $10 off $50 purchase coupons. The way I save BIG with these coupons is when placing my items on the belt, I'm always chipper and let the cashier know I have coupons, and, maybe it's OCD but I place each coupon on top of the item to "help" them make sure it matches the product I am buying (and it also prevents them having to shuffle through bags if a coupon "beeps") but the right after telling them I have coupons I say "I've placed each coupon on top so you can verify it matches the product, but do you mind scanning the coupons after scanning all of my items? I have a $x off $xx coupon I would like to use first to save a little extra this week!" Since Publix corporate is a very coupon friendly store, I have never had issues and cashiers are understanding, as I guess we're all in this economy together. This way if my total is $32 before coupons, they take off the $5 off $30 coupon, then scan manufacturer/store coupons, and often times I am able to snatch goods for about $2 - 5 because of that extra $5 off $30 when following coupon-match ups! As, pretty much each shopping trip I am able to save about 50% or more most of the time with purchases. 

But onto these free Publix publications! You can sign up here at for various mailings including:
  • the Publix FamilyStyle magazine which has recipes, household tips, etc and many high value store and manufacturer coupons for Publix brand products and national brand products. You get this 4x a year!
  • the Publix Baby Club which has HIGH dollar store coupons for baby related products, household cleaning products, and post-pregnancy products for both Publix and national brands, which for those store coupons for national brands such as Huggies, Similac, etc you can combine with manufacturer coupons for better deals and with your free membership you receive special incentives and gifts from time to time via mail.
  • the Publix Wine Club which has wine recipes, hosting tips and ideas, etc.  
  • and more based on your interests, Pre-School Pals, GreenWise organic, etc.
I recently signed up with the Publix Baby Club! Rest assured, there is no bun in the oven, but I have many friends who have children or newborns and I try to pass along any coupons I get. Turns out, I got my "welcome kit" in the mail the other day and it included a 3-inch book from the American Academy of Pediatrics entitled "Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5" and the following bunch of coupons! I plan to use some of these coupons for myself, and pass along the others to my coupon-savy Mom friends! Another thought I had was if there was an upcoming baby shower, I could buy some of the items and include in a basket with my other gifts! Unfortunately, I have no use for the book and plan to donate it to the local Family Sunshine Center or Catholic Social Services for someone in the community to use. But, as always trying to save myself, and others money, and do good where I can! ;)

Here's the list of coupons I received when signing up for the Publix Baby Club:
*Note, all of these are store coupons which can be combined with manufacturer coupons in accordance with the Publix Coupon Acceptance Policy if there is a manufacturer coupon available. 

  • FREE Beach-Nut Rice Cereal Baby Food (8oz box).
  • FREE Publix Hand Sanitizer (2 oz. bottle)
  • FREE Publix Cocoa Butter (16 oz. bottle)
  • FREE Publix Isopropyl Alcohol (16 oz. bottle) 
  • Buy One Publix Jumbo Diapers Get One FREE!
  • Buy One Publix Wipes Refill Get One FREE!
  • Buy One Kotex Maxi Pads (14 - 28ct) Get One FREE!
  • Buy One Pampers Cruisers Diapers (72-116ct) Get one Pampers Wipes Free (192-231ct) *mfr coupons often freely available to stack for better savings!
  • Buy One Huggies Diapers (34-66ct) Get one Huggies Wipes Free (64-72ct) *mfr coupons often freely available to stack for better savings!
  • Buy One 12oz Publix oatmeal baby wash or shampoo Get One 8oz Publix oatmeal baby lotion Free
  • $4.00 off Enfamil formula (asst types/sizes) *mfr coupons often freely available to stack for better savings!
  • $3.00 off the purchase of two Similac or Isomil Formula (ready to feed, asst varieties, 32oz pkg) *mfr coupons often freely available to stack for better savings!
  • $3.00 off Ensure High Calcium Formula (6pk or 8oz pkg) *mfr coupons often freely available to stack for better savings!
  • $2.00 off Huggies Diapers ( 20-40 ct package) *mfr coupons often freely available to stack for better savings!
  • $1.00 off Playtex Drop-In Bottles or Liners (1 to 100 ct. package)
  • $1 off two Nursery Drinking Water (1 gal. bottles)
  • $2.00 off A&D ointment (original or oxide cream 4oz.)
  • $1.00 off any one Lysol Disinfectant Spray (19 oz. can) *mfr coupons often freely available to stack for better savings and also these often go on sale for BOGO for cheeeeap deal!
  • $1.00 off any one Glad Odor Shield Trash Bags (34ct or larger) *mfr coupons often freely available to stack for better savings!
  • $1.00 off any one Green Works cleaning product *mfr coupons often freely available to stack for better savings!
I know many new mothers in this economy try to save as best as they can, and due to my allegiance and LOVE of Publix, this is a great program if you're a Mom and have a Publix near you!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sweet Treats

Grab me some MILK! I got free cookies! So, in my adventure to freebie-couponing land, I've always maintained the safety issue, making sure I never disclose information, or get tempted by "freebie" deals that seem too good to be true. I always reference couponing or freebie blogs with a wide fan base and good reputation to stay scam free. 

Well, a few weeks ago I saw a post about free Mrs. Fields cookie tin! You had to refer 3 friends to the program. Your treat tin was not contingent upon your referrals making any purchases or sign-ups or anything. I referred my other "personalities" to check out the deal and see how "far" they were pushing it. Turns out, it was just a simple "Hey, Amanda thinks you should try Mrs. Fields!" Refer 3 of your friends and get a free tin. Well, since signing up my other personality e-mails ;) have not gotten any additional sales pitches from Mrs. Fields. I wish I would have actually forwarded this to my couponing friends so they could join the fun, but I was overly cautious.

And after getting home today, I grabbed my mail, walked my dog, and his little sniffer found a nice box on my front porch! I open it up and take a peek! Free cookies! I am always skeptical about some deals... and I know people say never accept candy from strangers... but this is a pretty neat incentive. Could be some government-sponsored terrorist movement (Come to the Dark side, we have cookies!) but, if you don't hear from me... well... ;) I checked the Mrs. Field's website, and of course, due to overwhelming response, they aren't accepting any more referrals. But, this should be motivation for you to follow some fun couponing/freebie blogs on Facebook or check out the deals on these blogs from time to time. :) And get free cookies! As always, there are perks to couponing, but in the year plus of couponing, I've never had a bad sample/freebie experience. Maybe a follow up e-mail saying freebies were exhausted, here's a discount, but hey, beggars can't be choosers! But, I've enjoyed many of the samples I've had.

Until then, I'm gonna eat my cookies. :)


Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Publix Deals!

September is National Couponing Month! And for once, I went couponing at the beginning of the Publix deals! These started today and run through store close on Tuesday, September 21! I had another friend with me as a couponing buddy, so it was definitely a FUN trip! I am linking the printable coupons for the deals I got. If you want the full match up, check out Southern Savers for the Publix Match Up 9/15 - 9/21! Use the "check boxes" to the left of the items on the store's match up list, and then at the bottom of the page click "create your list"! It will print an organized shopping list with all the coupon match ups to help you organize! Couponing simplified!

Publix - 09.15.10 - 16 items for $9.05 (tax and all)! 
That's about $41 worth of goods for only $9

Four (4) bottles of All Mighty Free & Clear (32 oz.)
on sale BOGO - reg. $5.99 but with BOGO sale - $3 each
Used four (4) $1 off All Free & Clear (Link to Printable Q) I had to use two computers to print 4, as you are limited to printing 2 coupons per computer.
STACKED with two (2) $1 off All Detergent Target coupons (Link to Printable Q- Click Household category and look for the $1 All coupon, the $2 is for larger sizes and won't work) My Publix- Taylor Junction accepts Target as competitor- I would have used 4 total but I couldn't find the other 2 in the mess of my coupon binder!
STACKED with one (1) $1 off two All Detegents (32oz+) from some Publix Coupon Book at front of the store--- not the green or yellow flyers.
= $5 for four bottles of detergent!

Six (6) cups of Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt (6 oz. cups)
on sale for 10 for $5
used two (2) $0.50 off 3 Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt cup coupons which each doubled to $1 off (Link to Printable Q- must register, I suggest use "couponing" email addy. Find the $0.50 off 3 Stoneyfield Organic 6oz. cups coupons in the list of coupons)
= $3 minus $2 doubled coupons = $1 for six cups of yogurt
Normally you can score a 4pk of Fiber One yogurt for $0.25 with BOGO sale and doubled $0.50 cent coupon, but this yogurt is such a dessert and a treat! I had to indulge!

Five (5) blocks of Philidelphia Cream Cheese
on sale 4 for $5
minus $5 off 5 Kraft Cheese or Dairy Products (Link to Printable Q)
= $1.25 for 5 blocks of cream cheese
*Check the expiration dates! Mine don't expire until 12/28/10 so plenty of time to make use with holiday cooking and football tailgating recipes!*

Saved $10.00 in manufacturer coupons
Saved $4 in Publix store coupons (this includes doubled coupon price)
Plus saved $17.96 with Publix's Special Price Savings (including BOGO and store sales)
Total Savings: $31.96!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Publix LOOT!

I think the Allman Brother's said it perfectly... "Tryna make a livin' and doin' the best I can!" Tonight was the last day of the Publix deals for this past week, and I had to rack up. One thing I learned this week for all coupon blogs: ALWAYS read the comments on Match-Ups. I was able to catch $2.50 Febreeze full size candles on sale at Publix plus my coupons for serious scents! Also, I found out from my cashier friends at my local Publix that they have a new manager, prompting the no longer accepting Target as competitor coupons. Turns out, my favorite manager simply relocated to another Publix store in Montgomery at Taylor Junction. Soooo.... I might be changing my Publix couponing destination. ;)

Publix - 09.14.10 - 32 items for $36.44 (tax and all)! 
That's about $104 worth of goods for only $34

4 Febreeze Full Size Candles
on sale for 2 for $5
minus one $2 off coupon, three $1 off coupons, and one $0.75 off Publix Coupon
PLUS received FREE single roll of Bounty Paper Towels which I used one $0.50 off coupon which doubled to $1 which gave me $1 in overage for other items!apart of the "Put Clean In Your Cart" coupon book promotion when you buy 3 selected items (Febreeze was among them)
Quaker Instant Oatmeal Box of Variety Pack - $3.89
minus $1 off coupon = $2.89
PLUS received FREE Publix Brand Oatmeal Variety Pack 
a part of their "Buy Theirs Get Ours" promotion
Starkist Tuna Package - on sale $0.95 cents
minus $1 coupon = + $0.05 overage
Goldfish (normal size bag) = on sale $1 
minus $0.35 cent coupon that doubled to $0.70 off = $0.30 total paid
2 packages Betty Crocker Cookie Mix 
on sale BOGO $2.67 for 2 minus $1/2 coupon = $1.67 for 2

4 two-liter bottles of assorted 7UP & A&W beverages 
on sale BOGO - $1.68 for 2 ($0.85 cents each) = $3.36 for 4
2 boxes of Stouffer's Family Size Lasagna 
on sale for $3.99 each (saving of $3!) minus $1 coupon = $2.99 each
= $5.98 for 2

4 Bottles of Bailey's Coffee Creamer
on sale for 4 for $5 = $1.25 each
minus (4) $1 off coupons = $1 for four creamers

Friendship Sour Cream 
on sale $1.25 minus $0.75 coupon = $0.50 

Lenders Bagels 
on sale BOGO - $2.09 or $1.05 each
minus $1 off 2 Publix store coupon = $1.09 for 2
Dial Nutriskin Bodywash
on sale 2 for $3.99 or $2 
minus $1 off coupon = $1

2 boxes Pillsbury Sweet Moments Refridgerated Desserts
on sale 2 for $5
minus (2) $1.50 off coupons = $2 for 2

2 cans Publix Northern beans = $1.78
Pasta Roni Parmesean = $1 
Ground Turkey = $3.26
Publix Sharp Cheddar Cheese block = $2

And the craziest thing of all, I found a Milky Way candy bar in my grocery bag after leaving the store! I went back in and said I didnt buy it nor was it in my buggy, and they simply said consider it a TREAT! Ha!
Saved $19.50 in manufacturer
Saved $5.09 in Publix store coupons (this includes manufacturer coupons less than/equal to 50 that doubled as in the extra doubled coupon price included in this total)
Plus saved $43.69 with Publix's Special Price Savings (including BOGO and store sales)
Total Savings: $67.88! 
And, well, I am a dork, so, I made a second Publix trip tonight after unloading my first round of loot.
Publix - 09.14.10 - 7 items for $7.71 (tax and all)! 
That's about $33 worth of goods for only $8
2 more bottles of Bailey's Coffee Creamer
on sale for 4 for $5 = $1.25 each
minus (2) $1 off coupons = $0.50 for four creamers

3 more Febreeze Full Size Candles
on sale for 2 for $5
minus one $1 off coupon, and one $0.75 off Publix Coupon
PLUS received FREE single roll of Bounty Paper Towels which I used one $0.25 off coupon which doubled to $0.50 which gave me $0.50 overage for other items!
apart of the "Put Clean In Your Cart" coupon book promotion when you buy 3 selected items (Febreeze was among them)

Covergirl Basic Eyeliner - $2.99
minus one $1 coupon and $1.50 off Publix coupon = $0.49

Saved $4.25 in manufacturer coupons
Saved $4.49 in Publix store coupons (this includes manufacturer coupons less than/equal to 50 that doubled as in the extra doubled coupon price included in this total)
Plus saved $15.15 with Publix's Special Price Savings (including BOGO and store sales)
Total Savings: $23.89! 
Weee! And, I love scented candles, devices, etc. Can't you tell? Also, I've been doing a little more couponing than I've posted. I might have to post the pictures and just a short summary of saved... because... well... my dog refused to get out of the picture in one of them, and it's just too darned cute! ;) 

Be sure to check out MY FAV website for coupon matchups!! They have matchups for grocery stores including Publix, WinnDixie, Target, etc and also drugstores including CVS, Walgreens, etc!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Check out Hip2Save's Birthday Goodies Post

This is a resource to check out for Birthday Goodies! I'm trying to share the goods! ;) Marketing campaigns by restaurants and manufacturers for deals, freebies, and coupon goodies on your birthday! I am a Hip2Save fanatic/cheerleader, so this is credited to Collin at Hip2Save! If you want a source for coupons, freebies, and deals in general I highly recommend bookmarking and following on Twitter! It's where I stay IN the know about deals and more! ;) 

For these deals and any others involving manufacturer's, I highly recommend creating a "couponing/deal" separate e-mail account so you can access those e-mails when you choose to, and also so you won't have to "sift" through coupon deals and personal e-mails, as sometimes it can get overwhelming! ;) It's the only way I roll!

View the Birthday Goodies post (thanks Hip2Save!) 

My favorites include: 

Blue Bell: Free 1/2 gallon coupon mailed to you via USPS during your birthday month!
Captain D's: Free Fish & Fries coupon in your welcome e-mail (saves $ on fast food cravings! bad ones! ;)
Chili's: coupons throughout the year for deals, birthday items, and more!
Coldstone Creamery: Free ice cream on your birthday! I used this coupon this year, I believe it was valid for the whole week/month of my birthday! ;)
Firehouse Subs: Free sandwich on your birthday! I got the e-mail for this one during my birthday, and I might be wrong, but I think it was valid for a timeperiod around my birthday as long as I showed my ID! ;)
IHOP: Free meal with welcome e-mail and birthday (I've used this one before!!! :) MMM!)
Moe's: Free meal on your birthday! (Again, I think this one is also for a time period around your birthday with presentation of coupon! ;)

And, maybe this is me, but I am still in the "starving college kid" mode to where these e-mails with coupons in welcome e-mails, various promos throughout the year, and birthday freebies really help curb the fast food/dining out beast and save me some $! ;)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Christmas in September?

I've got a lot of fun deals to post, so stay tuned! I'm getting ready for Publix shopping. Have you checked out the weekly ad @ ? Start your printer engine! On another note, I got a text from a friend this weekend on how they scored BANK at Walgreens with Register Rewards... and she knew I would understand her excitement! Ha! Simple pleasures in life!

I've been working on numerous projects, cleaning, rearranging, etc. I ended up organizing my Christmas gift supply/card storage. Annnd it inspired me to do some retail therapy! I just ordered 140 return address labels for Christmas from Vistaprint! I am so excited! I know a lot of people have economized with Christmas greetings as the cost of cards and postage are so expensive. Sadly, since I just transitioned into being a "big girl" I say to heck with it! I am going to spread cheer to mailboxes everywhere! :) I paid $3.18 cents for those 140 labels--- and that was just for "shipping and processing"! That's cheaper than ink, label paper, etc. And, return address labels are my favorite! I love personalizing my mail. If you want to order some fun goods from VistaPrint, check them out here. There are always specials on items for "free" plus shipping and handling. I always choose the slowest shipping, which is pretty reasonable if the item is FREE! My favorites are their return address labels which I've made into "A Gift from...", "From the Kitchen of..." and other label creations. I've even made some of their business cards into all occasion gift tags for a nice touch when I don't feel like writing a note or including a card with a gift! Oops... ;)

And, another note. Why am I plotting for Christmas this early? I think the cleaning/organizing bug is still with me! I am jazzed about Christmas because this past January/February I was able to scoop up the cutest Christmas and holiday cards on clearance at Hallmark and World Market for 50 cents to $1 a box! I was able to get about 5 boxes for FREE at Hallmark through their Rewards card promo and some reciept customer surveys! ;) Sometimes I see the same Christmas card designs over and over each year. And, as long as their not date specific, what the heck? If someone wants to call me out on having a Christmas card design they saw the previous year... bah humbug to them! I think they're missing the Christmas spirit!


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