Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beginner Tip

This is for those of you just beginning your couponing journey! If you're going to start becoming an avid couponer and following blogs, I'd recommend creating an alternate e-mail address. Often times, in order to sign up for an internet printable coupon other than Bricks, Smart Source or Redplum website coupons, you will have to sign up on the manufacturer's website, requiring an e-mail address. After a while, this really can clutter your inbox. The same applies for free sample requests from, manufacturer websites, etc.
So, head on to G-Mail and make yourself a couponing e-mail address. I'm a fan of G-Mail because who doesn't love Google? This way, you can get your couponin' e-mail groove on when you feel, and not let it clutter your inbox!


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