Saturday, August 21, 2010

$1.50 Crafty College Memorabilia

For some odd reason, I've focused on decorating my office/craft room. I (finally) hung my diploma on the wall. Gotta make use of it somehow! ;) It's framed in an elegant matted frame I scored at a yard sale a year ago for $1. (On a side note, I have a STACK of frames in my spare closet I've acquired at yard sales for pennies- best investment for craftiness!) I've done a lot of reflecting on my college experience, and was inspired to create a sentimental memoir reflecting a lifelong dedication to obtaining an education and the pursuit of knowledge. I wanted it to serve as a reminder to continue that path. Luckily, many times while registering for classes I saw framed prints of my college's motto that is engraved into the entrance above the main hall which is "Enter to grow in wisdom, go forth to apply wisdom in service". A little googling, and Walgreen's photo collage, a Dollar store frame... and about $1.50 later...viola! :) (PS: (sorry for the low snapshot quality- it's a camera phone. the framed photo is readable! ;)


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