Friday, October 1, 2010

(Yard) Sailin' takes me away...

Yard sales can be pretty nifty at times. It's like heads or tails though. You win, you lose. Super sweet items or junk. And, I'll admit, it's a little weird to buy someone's stuff. I search yard sales for neat decor items, nic nacs, or crafts that I can transform. It's crazy to see what some people will try and sell though... but It's been a pretty good route so far with decorating my home to my style without breakin' da piggy bank. 

About a month ago, I scored this darling bathroom toiletry shelf  for $0.25 at a yardsale in my fun neighborhood. And, it was in new condition. Not damaged or any signs of wear. Since I have a pretty old apartment, my kitchen is very small. And, I'm talking old like 1940's or 50's. You'd think since they didn't have fast food and dining out habits as we did the kitchen would be a litttttle bit bigger. Well, instead of using this shelf in my bathroom, I put it on the wall above my stove. Viola. Spice rack. I was able to find spice jars at Target on clearance too... :)

I've found that is very helpful in finding yard sales. You can search for yard sales in your city, and it pulls posts from your newspaper and other postings and allows you to have them right in one place. Since most folks who go through the work of putting their yard sale in the newspaper listing or on the newspaper website, 9 times out of 10 they are the "better" yard sales. And, if you know your city, you can sort of scout out which neighborhoods you think would fit your likes. I will say, hitting up Starbucks and driving around on a Saturday morning just looking for signs can be fun and relaxing too... ;)


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