Saturday, July 21, 2012

FREE Cardstore Card!

I am a big fan of! I love sending unique personalized greeting cards, and makes it so easy, and best of all, they have FREE card promotions every once in a while! Every card I have sent to someone, for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, birthdays, and more, I have received nothing but compliments! ;)

Head over to and receive a FREE greeting card with envelope and FREE shipping! You can address and ship to the recipient--- and it won't even cost you a stamp! Select and personalize your card, and after entering your shipping info, be sure to enter the PROMO CODE: CAJ2719 . Coupon expires on July 22 at 11:59PM Eastern Time zone. Birthday Cards

I chose an anniversary card for my Meme & Papa! What will you choose? They have tons to choose from! And, if you like, your can have them ship it to you to save onto for a special occassion down the road, or to include with a birthday or shower gift! 

As you can see above, you can handwrite your signature on the Cardstore app on your iPhone or iPad, and when you log into your Cardstore account, you can apply it to your card so it still has your own "personal touch"! ;)


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