Friday, July 20, 2012

Toot Your Horn! What'd you get in your mailbox?

I love freebies... they make all the bills in the mail seem less daunting! ;) Here's my mailbox loot from this week. Want to score great freebies? I recommend visiting couponing blog websites, and even following them on Facebook in a 'couponing' friends list so you won't miss a great deal! My favorites are and!

The goods:
Crystal Light Mocktails martini glass- plastic, but after all the ones I've broken... I think it's perfect! ;) - from Crystal Light Facebook promo
Garnier Haircare samples (2 separate ones) AND you can sign up here for your sample!
Nestle Drumstick coupon for FREE four-count box of Drumsticks from Nestle Facebook promo contest
Another Nathan's Hotdogs coupon for FREE hotdogs from Nathans Facebook promo contest
Tampax Radiant sample clutch + coupons from Tampax Facebook promo contest!


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