Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Couponing Thoughts

I have had the couponing fever this week! I was thinking when someone asked me today, "how often do you coupon?" and for me, it differs. The past six or so months of couponing, I have done quite a few "big" couponing purchases as in receipt total a significant amount, and then a lot of the "short and quick" couponing excursions as most of my posts have been so far. It really depends on the deals, if I need it, and my stockpile! Speaking of, I know some of you are looking at this post like what the heck is she going to do, live off mashed potatoes and coffee creamer? Nope! I felt the same way when I began to follow coupon blogs. It's all about scooping up as many of a product as you can with great deals within reason. If I can get it for 3 cents, 20 cents, or a significant percentage off the regular price and it doesn't expire until December, and it's something I will use, what difference is it going to make if its on the grocery store's shelf vs. my pantry or fridge? ;)

Couponing has helped me in many ways. I have saved a LOT of money for one, but even more. I have learned to budget and plan meals. When my pantry and fridge are full, I've learned I eat a lot better than snacking or ordering food to-go. And ordering to-go food is my worst habit. I've learned that I can get about $30 worth of groceries on the $10 dollars I would spend on getting some boring burger, sandwich, or something to-go. Each week the deals at Publix change, so I can keep spending that money on groceries, and meat and produce, and keep it going. Also, I used to purchase generic on items I didn't have a die-hard preference on. Now, I'm alllll name-brand, simply because it's cheaper than the generic with coupons! I've learned to have the necessities and personal care items I need on hand. So, no CVS trips just for an overpriced toothpaste. And it's given me more money to spend elsewhere, i.e. eating out with friends, shopping, bills, road trips, etc! I'm still getting there, but from here on out, it's keepin it 23 and thrifty!


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