Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday: Kraft First Taste and FREE Food!

Have you signed up for Kraft First Taste? It's a FREE club for all lovers of Kraft food products! You get a sneak peek at new Kraft products, get to review them and share your opinion! In simpler words, they send you coupons for FREE full-size food products by snail mail and high-value coupons to share with friends! And it's easy as PIE!!!

I have gotten coupons in my mail box that I have redeemed at the grocery store for full size packages of FREE Oreo Cakesters, Digorno 200 Calorie Pizzas, Jello Mousse Delights, Philidelphia Cream Cheese Singles, and more! The coupon is sent to your home address, and is redeemable for a "FREE" product to $x.xx amount at the grocery store. The other coupons they send are to share with family and friends, usually at least a dollar if not more! The "review" process is easy as 1,2,3 also! It is nine short drop-down menu questions evaluating the product and it's benefit to you! It takes less than a minute to complete. The reviews are not required, but heck, if they're buying it I'll tell them how much I liked it! ;)

The sign-up is pretty basic. I always recommend to set up an alternate e-mail account for your couponing endeavors, as those e-mails can PILE UP quick! How the e-club works is that they will send you an e-mail with your special Kraft First Taste Offer whenever they are available. I think so far I have received about one every month! Many of the blogs I follow will make a post when a new offer is available, making it easier to know when there is some free food! You will log in at www.kraftfirsttaste.com and click the "My Offers" tab as seen below. Enter your address and about a week to two weeks later, viola! Coupons in your mailbox.

This isn't that exciting of a deal, but every bit helps! I mean it's one less snack or lunch to buy a month! Who doesn't like free food? Some of the products I wouldn't think to buy or pay to try, but you get to try it for FREE! And I have no complaints about free! :) I've probably redeemed coupons for about $30 worth of yummy snack food! And Kraft knows how to do good food! That's a great impact in my food budget! Woo!  Head over to KraftFirstTaste to sign up, it's free!


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