Saturday, April 10, 2010

My CVS Deals!

Have you hopped on the drugstore couponin' game? Or, as I like to call it... MONOPOLY money! These stores offer "incentive" shopping with CVS' Extra Care Bucks (ECB) and Walgreen's Register Reward (RR) programs. Weekly ads state which products in store will be on sale for what price, and if they are valid for an ECB/RR! An ECB/RR is basically what I called "monopoly money" a coupon/receipt for a set amount of "dollars" for your next purchase. Say shampoo is on sale for $4.99 and is eligible for a $4 ECB/RR. You pay $4.99 out of pocket, and will receive a $4 ECB/RR for next time. If you have a coupon for said shampoo, say a $2 coupon, you would pay $2.99 after the coupon and still get back a $4 ECB/RR! Quantity limits and fun little quirks apply, but you can "roll" these and combine with coupon-match ups for some mad deals! Check out The Bargain Buggy's intro to CVS 101 and Walgreens 101 to learn how to SAVE at drugstores! From there, follow the match ups and go! 

I was raised to avoid drugstores as they are often overpriced for items, and used to only shop when it was an emergency. I learned how to roll the rewards, and WOW! It really adds up. I checked my reciept from this purchase, and my 2010 spring spending to date was $19.95 and total 2010 savings to date (with CVS weekly ad sales, coupons, and ECBs was $180.82!)

CVS - 04.10.10 - 5 items for $4.25 (tax and all)!
Saved $17.22 with coupons and sales!

A pretty low-key trip, but some SWEET tooth deals and gettin my HAIR did savings!

Hershey's Easter Candy on sale 50% off - 3 bags for $5.22 minus $2/3 internet printable Q (I'm actually not a big chocoholic, but hey, chocolate freezes! ;) 
Pantene Styling Products on sale $2.99 ea + $1 ECB (limit 3) minus $3/2 newspaper coupon = $2.98 (and got back $2 in ECB! That's 50 cents each!)

So essentially my checkout total was $12.25, minus $5 in coupons, I used $1 in ECB I had leftover from previous trip, paid $6.25 and got back $2 in ECBs making all 5 items only $4.25!


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