Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday: Free Movie Rentals!

I am a big fan of those big bad red boxes. This is a pretty low-key method of bein 23 and thrifty but it's a good one. You can rent DVDs at Redbox for $1 a night. New releases, oldies but goodies, etc. I'm not a big movie goer, but still like to keep up with good entertainment. Sign up with the Redbox Monthly Movie Monday and get a FREE code sent to your cell phone via text message for a free rental. The catch is that the code is valid for the first Monday of the month-- and only that day. Eh, it's like designated Movie Night in this household. Bring on da popcorn and pjs!

Even better? Redbox releases free movie codes from time to time for mass use. Wanting a free rental now? Enter the promo code "BREAKROOM" and "DVDONME" (and DVDATWAG at Walgreen's Redboxes) to score free rentals, anytime of the month! You can only use those codes once... as they are linked to your debit card. But... you can use those codes once with a different debit/credit card. And there are Redboxes all over town, so you can drop it off on your way to work, no late fees. So far, I've been good about gettin those lil DVDs back on time... so it's all been FREE!

Free entertainment for those folk without the fancy cable... y'know those movie channels.  ;)


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