Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Publix Deals!

Tonight's shopping trip was a MARATHON! My fastest coupon run EVER! I realized that it was about 9:30 and I had not couponed at Publix for this week's sales (that end Tuesday for us folks here in Montgomery!). Luckily, I had printed out my coupon match up shopping list from and needed coupons earlier in the week, so I grabbed the unorganized mess of my coupon binder and headed out the door! Here's what I scored. Granted, this was a quick coupon trip, but got some essentials to help build my stockpile. And, on another note, I love love love Publix. Friendliest staff EVER! Coupon friendly. Positive. Talkative. Helpful. Love love love Publix!

Publix - 08.17.10 - 18 items for $6.90 (tax and all)! 
That's about $37 worth of goods for only $7!!! I could have gotten it cheaper if I would have had a $5/$30 coupon to stack, but, ya can't win them all! :)
  The Loot:

Carton of Simply Smart Chocolate Milk (yum!!!) - Free coupon from complimenting manufactuer
2 cans of Prego sauce- BOGO @ 2.45 minus $1/2 coupon = $1.45 total for 2
2 boxes of Rozoni pasta noodles- BOGO @ 1.39 minus $1/2 coupon = $0.39 cents for 2
4 boxes of Uncle Ben's rice medleys = BOGO @ 1.49(x2) minus 75 cents/2(x2) = $1.49 for 4
2 boxes of Aunt Jemima's Pancakes/French Toast- BOGO @ 2.69 minus $1.50/2 coupon = $1.19 for 2
3 cups of Fage Greek Yogurt (mmm!) = $1.20 each minus three $1 coupons = $0.60 cents for 3
2 single Pilot Ultra Pro Pens- Sale $0.99 each minus two $1 coupons = 2 for FREE!
2 packages of Papermate pens- Sale 2 for $1 minus two $0.50 competitor (Target) coupons = 2 for FREE! 

Saved $14 in manufacturer/store coupons!
Plus saved $16.23 with Publix's special price savings (including BOGO! and store sales)
Total Savings: $30.23! 

Whee! Check out this week's Publix Coupon Match Up at! The match-up lists the coupons available in previous newspaper coupon inserts, web printable coupons, and price out of pocket scenarios! You can even print your shopping list by "checking" the boxes next to the item to make your coupon trip easier, as items are grouped by aisle/category! ;)


Jessica said...

still no publix here...but they send the ads. good deals!

Mic said...

Dangit! I have to go all the way down to Richmond to go to Publix ... and since it's an hour drive there and an hour back, it negates all of the Publix savings. I *so* wish there was one closer ... they always have great diaper deals!

Amanda said...

:( What grocery stores do you have Michelle? Google the store name with + coupon match ups. is my resource for southern region based stores where I score the loot. And, I am SO blessed that my area Publix double coupons up to 50 cents and accept Target web coupons as store (competitor) coupon to "stack" with manufacturer. I am still jumping up and down for scoring 6 normal size boxes of Glad Force Flex kitchen bags for 99 cents each!!!

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