Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Retail Therapy: Thrifty Style!

I LOVE shopping! I hit up TJ Maxx after work today to find some treasures! I absolutely love decorating my first apartment! I am not a fan of "cookie cutter" decor schemes, so I've had a blast decorating with items from thrift stores, antique stores, yard sales, boutiques, and even a few things from the side of the road! ;)

In efforts to maintain my couponing/thriftiness journal, here's what I scored for deals at TJ Maxx!

I spent a total of ~$17 dollars on fun goodies! I was able to get a super cute polka-dot laptop case for $8.99! That was my biggest purchase. I also scored some Martha Stewart stationary (30 & 70 cents, yeah!), scrapbooking tools, hair treatments, decorative plate, dog collar & accessories, and two gifts for friends-- all clearance! My favorite finds were three giant size Yankee Candles! They were on clearance because they were melted to where the wick wasn't exposed. I have candle warmers, so thought, SWEET! They were $2 each! And smell... fabulous! ;) Keepin it 23 and thrifty!


Jessica said...

you need to help me decorate once i get my own place. i'm hopeless.

Amanda said...

No girl! You are artistic! :) That's all it takes... and no shame in picking up a nice looking dining table chair off the side of the road to refinish and reupholster as your "catch all" table for mail, purse, etc at entrance of your apartment! ;)

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