Friday, August 27, 2010

What's Your Budget Unfriendly Bad Habit?


What's that ONE thing you can't shake from your budget? Mine is STARBUCKS iced coffee! I was good for a while, and only allowed myself "one" beverage a month! I did pretty good, until work got busy and busier, and I got tired-er and tired-er! Since I had a little experience in the coffee industry, I knew how to make iced coffee. I knew how easy it was. I knew I could get good deals on coffee at Publix. I knew I could get good deals on creamer at Publix. What was the problem? I'm lazy! I can run a couponing bureaucracy, but I can't get the will to brew one pot of iced coffee and pour in a pitcher and put in the fridge once a week and pour each morning! Ha! Well, I'm making a commitment to get BACK on track! Not going crazy on the math, but with the price of one venti iced coffee at Starbucks (and that's the mid grade price, a little more money than hot coffee, yet cheaper than a Frappucinno) I could make ONE month's worth or more of ice coffee drinks from home when paired with sales, coupons, etc. Here's my recipe for at home iced coffee and others if you're interested. :)

Brew coffee with your coffeemaker to double strength. This means instead of your "normal strength" ratio of 1:1 water and coffee, make it 1:2 water and coffee, doubling the scoops of coffee. This will brew an EXTRA concentrated batch of coffee (when I say extra, I mean it! ;) After it brews, pour in a pitcher. Add the remainder of the pitcher with ice to dilute it to the right taste/ratio of iced coffee. Store in fridge. The ice will melt, and, well, this pitcher lasts me all week!
For workdays, I pour my coffee, add fabulous flavored creamer, sometimes sugar, and ice, then GO! Perfect for that "morning" urge to go to Starbucks. I've also learned that if you pour some in a waterbottle (leaving adequate room for freezing) and pop it in the office fridge you can have a little 2:30 p.m. pick me up! ;)

Fan of the Frappucinno? Blend it. Add fat-free milk to the mix, and just a splash of flavored creamer. Mmm! If you want more recipes, check out Coffee Drink Videos. Pretty nifty. Some of them are more complicated, but a treat! They also have coupons too! ;) I think I've got it tracked down to ever 3 - 4 weeks that Publix runs a BOGO on one coffee brand or another... ;) and, well, there's ALWAYS coupons for International Delight/Coffee Mate creamers!

And, I hope you're enjoying my savings! It should be an inspiration for you to start your own couponing journey! ;) I don't intend for this to be your go-to source for the deals, but rather see how I score them, live my life, and make adjustments in this economy, all while allowing me to "journal" my lifestyle! Visit my Thrifty Resources for websites for coupon-match ups and more.


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