Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vroom vroom! Free $20 in gasoline! :)

I am so EXCITED! One of the blogs I follow, Hip2Save ( posted an interesting deal back in April! Sign up for a free Exxon "Speedpass" magnetic device thing-a-ma-jig and as a reward receive a free $20 Exxon Gas gift card as a promotion! The speedpass is a magnetic device that makes it easy for transactions at Exxon gas station pumps and in-store credit/debit machines as your information is verified and on-file, making transactions QUICK! Perfect for "oh no, I'm on lunch and my gas tank is on E!" Since learning my current city, I've found a special Exxon station my "home" base for gas, convenience needs, etc based on my interest in safety. One day, I asked in store about the program, promotion and device, and my favorite and fabulous cashier friend told me that I should SIGN up ASAP! She even let me know that I didn't have to "use" the Speedpass device if I chose not to. ;) The online sign-up did involve registering a debit card to the pass, which, I always heavily scrutinize such freebie deals and always research legitimacy, browser encrypted security, etc, as means to protect myself. Once I vetted the deal I signed up! And, I trust Collin at Hip2Save with all of her deal posts anyway! She is a PRO! But guess what I received in my mailbox today while on my vacation from work! A NICE surprise in my mailbox! :) Road trip? Fuel for my coupon excursions? Savings for rainy day spending? And, although it's only $20, this will go a LONG way with my high-MPG bargain seeking transportation! A BIG See the pic below! And yes, I am a goober!  


Unfortunately, I could not find this promotion as an active one! :( But, in my commitment to journal my savings in this economy as a recent college graduate, it's more inspiration to follow coupon and freebie blogs! Check out my faves! ;) And, a BIG thanks to Collin at Hip2Save for helping me keep it 23 and thrifty!


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