Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dollar Tree Organization

Organization on a dime. I am not ashamed to admit I love the Dollar Tree for certain items. This post isn't the most exciting for some, but for me I am jazzzed. My favorite one to shop at near Montgomery is one in Wetumpka, it's about 5 minutes from work and has a good selection and is always organized and well stocked. 

I usually hit them up for items I can score for cheap if there's not a coupon for it, or for fun decoration nic nacs to make crafts. And, especially for helium birthday/etc celebration balloons. Dorrrrk.

A while back a pipe had a heavy leak under my kitchen sink. I had to move out all of my cleaning supplies, tools, wall paint, paintbrushes, etc for the folks to repair. It was a pain, because all of it was thrown under there, looking like a bomb exploded at Home Depot or something, and well, for the past two weeks since the leak's been fixed Ive had a stockpile of cleaners and other stuff listed above sprawled out in my kitchen floor. 
I hit up Target hoping to find some clearance Rubbermaid tubs, as they have a lot of "dorm" organization, decor, etc gear on clearance for 75%, but none were to be found, and, the size I was looking for to fit under my sink were like 6.50 a pop on "sale". I said no maam.

I ended up hitting up the Dollar Tree to see if they had anything of use. As always, they have the small shoebox plastic things, and many other cheap yet small tubs/containers... I even thought about using the round plastic laundry hampers, but decided against it because of the holes and things maybe being able to slip out.

I hit the jackpot when I found these BIG thick round black plastic tubs. They're not the buckets for washing your car. They're about three times the size of those babys. I bought three of them. They fit perfectly under my sink. I got one for home improvement/toolbox, household cleaners/cleaning items, and another for stockpile items I have to keep those separate from ones currently open. And, since they're round and the perfect height, I hung a lot of my spray cleaners around the edges.

It's the darndest thing, but that $3 made my day and will probally save me lots of heck and frustration when I'm all like "WHERE ARE MY SWIFFER DUSTTTTERS?" meltdowns when cleaning.

So, plain and simple, dorky, but, my under kitchen sink is now organized, and on the cheap. Thank heavvvvvvens. Although there are some questionable items at Dollar Tree, you can score some good things for organizing around the house. I plan to get some fun photo boxes (cardboard) to organize stationary and other crafty stuff later on.

And, yes, I know this is dorky, but as much as I love reading Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living, I flip my lid at their must have "organizational" items and the cost of them. One day I'll have the shisshy-poo poo Martha endorsed organizing props. Until then, them tubs keep my stuff organized just the same. Simplicity.


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