Monday, September 27, 2010

Free Samplesss

Check out these links to sign up for the specific samples! I personally love receiving samples, because not only do I get to try new products, but they often come with high value coupons (higher than the ones you would receive via newspaper coupon inserts!) and, well... I just like getting things in my mailbox other than bills. ;) I might even take a snapshot of a week or two worth of samples or so... hmm.

Over the year and a half I've been keeping it 23 and thrifty, samples come in handy! Many of the body care item samples I've used to stock my travel toiletry bag, make an office toiletry kit, stash in my purse, or simply use. And, signing up for these samples takes less than a minute! To make it even faster, I use the Firefox web browser and have found that the Mozilla Firefox company created "Autofill Forms" plugin works great. After installing small plugin in Firefox, you enter your information in the options field when configuring Autofill Forms. When entering your info to request a free sample, I right click and hit "autofill all fields" and it automatically fills in my info! Sometimes I have to enter an item as the form field didn't match the label of autofill entry, but definitely a timesaver to look into! I am sure there are things like this for the Internet Explora folks too.

If you're new to free samples, I recommend signing up for the free sample with your "couponing/freebie" e-mail address from Gmail, Yahoo, etc. so your personal inbox is not filled with promo emails. Sometimes you have to sign up with the manufacturer for the sample. And, with all sample requests there is usually a box to check if you would like to receive promotional e-mails from the company, which you can simply uncheck if you would not like to receive those e-mails... hint! ;) Sad thing is, sometimes free samples can hit their quota and you will be directed to a page stating that before you can request a free sample. But, there's always another one just around the corner I say!

And, with requesting free samples, I always step on the side of caution. I follow free sample and couponing blogs with numerous fans so the posts are often vetted. Manufacturer website sample requests are legit.,, and free sample requests are legit too. Many of the "Facebook" sample promotions are legit as well. Wee.

Since this blog is more of a reflection and log of my couponing journey and changed lifestyle in this economy, I wanted to try and share from time to time the scoop. I hope you enjoy these!

Sign up for these FREE samples: 

Crest Pro Health Clinical Gum Protection Toothpaste - from 
Dove Daily Moisture Lotion Sample - from Costco
Dove Energy Glow Moisturerizer - from manufacturer - already translated from Spanish - valid for US Residents 
Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - from 
John Frieda Root Awakening Hair Care - from manufacturer
Breath Right Strips from manufactuer - sample of 2 -for those who zzzz loudly!
Nestcafe Tasters Choice instant coffee packets - from manufacturer - perfect for work! 
Quaker Life Breakfast Bars - from
Shout Color Catcher for Laundry - from manufacturer
Wisk Laundry Detergent - from - click the hexagon left of the "WISK" name on bottle 

Over & Out! Peace!


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