Monday, September 20, 2010

Sweet Treats

Grab me some MILK! I got free cookies! So, in my adventure to freebie-couponing land, I've always maintained the safety issue, making sure I never disclose information, or get tempted by "freebie" deals that seem too good to be true. I always reference couponing or freebie blogs with a wide fan base and good reputation to stay scam free. 

Well, a few weeks ago I saw a post about free Mrs. Fields cookie tin! You had to refer 3 friends to the program. Your treat tin was not contingent upon your referrals making any purchases or sign-ups or anything. I referred my other "personalities" to check out the deal and see how "far" they were pushing it. Turns out, it was just a simple "Hey, Amanda thinks you should try Mrs. Fields!" Refer 3 of your friends and get a free tin. Well, since signing up my other personality e-mails ;) have not gotten any additional sales pitches from Mrs. Fields. I wish I would have actually forwarded this to my couponing friends so they could join the fun, but I was overly cautious.

And after getting home today, I grabbed my mail, walked my dog, and his little sniffer found a nice box on my front porch! I open it up and take a peek! Free cookies! I am always skeptical about some deals... and I know people say never accept candy from strangers... but this is a pretty neat incentive. Could be some government-sponsored terrorist movement (Come to the Dark side, we have cookies!) but, if you don't hear from me... well... ;) I checked the Mrs. Field's website, and of course, due to overwhelming response, they aren't accepting any more referrals. But, this should be motivation for you to follow some fun couponing/freebie blogs on Facebook or check out the deals on these blogs from time to time. :) And get free cookies! As always, there are perks to couponing, but in the year plus of couponing, I've never had a bad sample/freebie experience. Maybe a follow up e-mail saying freebies were exhausted, here's a discount, but hey, beggars can't be choosers! But, I've enjoyed many of the samples I've had.

Until then, I'm gonna eat my cookies. :)



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