Sunday, October 10, 2010

Simple Things...

I absolutely love my neighborhood's maillady. We don't have normal mailboxes, but rather boxes next to our house's front doors. First of all, she's wonderful and always delivering my mail, and, let's say that's a lot with the free samples I request. 

Most of all, I love how she is so sweet to my doggy! About two years ago when I moved in, she saw me unpacking boxes on my porch and got to say hello to Bailey. Ever since then, she has always left him a "bone-bone" with my mail. Usually it's on a chair in my front porch. And, Bailey is trained to go get it after we go for our walk.

It's my first home as a big girl, but, I enjoy the simplicity of a nice maillady. Ever so often, I will buy a box of Milkbones with coupons or extra Register Rewards/CVS bucks and write her a note from Bailey to thank her... but... pretty much, it's the simple things in life!


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