Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sears wishtogether Program: $29.99 Vivitar 10MP Camera!

I found an awesome deal on Sears wishtogether! A 10MP Vivitar digital camera for $29.99! Sears has launched a Facebook deal promotion contingent upon a set number of "likes" per deal for the deal to be unlocked and purchased!  Visit wishtogether on the Sears Facebook page and click "like" on the deals - if there is enough likes, the deals will go live! And we all know how I could use a new digital camera for my blog... wink! 

There is also a BluRay player available currently! As of right now, the camera only needs about 800 likes... and with all the blogs posting... I think it will be reached! Yipeeeee! If you want in on this deal for a family member, child, like the deal on the Sears wishtogether page! Wahoo!


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