Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stop! PJ Time!!!

Woo! There's a coupon for $10 off 3 Sleepwear items at Target! Lemme tell ya, I racked up! I spent a WHOPPING total ;) of $3.87 on five tees, two pajama pants, and two pajama boxers, all on clearance, and then used three (3) $10 off 3 sleepwear item coupons! That made each item about $0.43 cents each! Wee! The retail value before clearance and coupons would have been $83.95! Luckily, the clearance sale brought it down to $33.87, and three $10 off coupons made it $3.87!

And, I love PJs! Can't have enough! And cheap tees are perfect for painting, arts and crafts, etc! I even got a PJ set or two for someone on my Christmas list! Old fashioned, yes, but my family tries to do a "functional" gift Christmas! ;) I think I may have to print some more coupons and work my magic again. There was a pretty big selection of cute items from hoodies, camisoles, pj pants, tees, etc and a good range of sizes at my Target!

And another note, using Target coupons can sometimes be a pickle. I always choose male cashiers when using coupons at Target. Not because I am a female and try to use my powers. But it seems if you are using coupons to save money at Target, female cashiers get somewhat jealous at what a deal you're getting and try to make you feel guilty or attempt to incorrectly interpret Target's corporate coupon policy to their own liking. It's just a lot easier with male cashiers. ;) Instead of someone thinking "This girl can't walk out of here only paying that much for all that" I bet the male cashiers are saying "Dang, homegirl can save money."


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