Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shabby Chic Insulated Thriftiness

I have an addiction to craft blogs. Unfortunately, sometimes I'm not as talented or patient to complete many of the projects. But, I'm super jazzed to say I made my own door draft dodger! 

I live in an ollld apartment. The outside doors can be drafty! These draft dodger things are sold at Home Depot for about $10 each, and are lame colors. I've seen some at Kirklands with long-legged reindeers that sit in front of the door for about $15 and I wonder how they even work because the reindeers body is so big it'd flop down and my OCD would be adjusting it all day.. I wanted something that would be a little bit more efficient and permanent of sorts. The thin white insulating tube you seal in the doorframe works good in the winter, but in the southern summers humidity makes the stuff attack you like a snake dropping from the doorframe. Sooooo....

Luckily, I found this instruction to make your own draft dodger! (errr... I can't find the link! but copycatcrafts.com and dollarstorecrafts.com are my favs!) Off to Wal-Mart I went, got some insulating pipe foam, headed to Hobby Lobby and got super cute clearance damask material, some Heat Bond stitch witchery, and voila! :) I spent about $6 on all the supplies, and have enough to make four! Why does this make me happy? Oh, yes, saving money on utilities. ;)


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