Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Home Depot Cheapies!

I can have some fun in Home Depot. I needed some more wood stain for a crazy project I'm working on, and ended up venturing down the cleaning supplies aisle. Scored 3 twin-pack boxes of toilet bowl cleaners for $0.92 total! Cheaper than dolla tree and the Wahhhhll-Maht! They were on clearance for $0.83 from $3.49 and had $0.55 cent peelie coupons stuck on each! Why am I so excited about toilet bowl cleaner drop fizzies? Umm... I dont know. I think I have a couponing  problem. But, I live in an ooooold apartment and these things help with the old pipes and the water stains!!! Wee. 

And, I've gotten much more magical deals. I've just yet to post! ;)


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