Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Couponing Jedi Masters, Padawans and Coupon Lotteries, oh my!

I had a great day today full of errands and some unplanned couponing! After scoring my cute new free rainboots from earlier this morning at CVS, I visited my sister in between errands, and turns out she needed some Tide laundry detergent and asked if I knew of any deals! ;) I pulled out my iPhone and checked out Hip2Save, saw there was a sale on Tide at CVS, and even had two coupons for my sister to use too! ;) I was excited, as my sister had her first Extra Care Bucks from a previous weeks sale, so we were out the door to CVS!

When we arrived, I reminded her to scan her Extra Care card at the scanner near the entrance. Nothing too good, but when I scanned mine, I scored a $15 off any Physicians Formula cosmetics purchase CVS coupon! I was so excited and when explaining to my sister that it meant I had $15 dollars of free CVS' money to spend on some makeup, I caught the attention of another customer who remarked, "it's like winning the lottery, huh?" and grinned. I was tickled that I even got this coupon as I had heard of many folks on couponing websites chatting about it, but I wasn't as lucky until today!

We headed over to the cosmetics, and to top it off, saw that there was a sale, $7 off any Physicians Formula cosmetics of $7 or more--- which meant even more bang for our buck! I was proud of my coupon padawan sister, as she even spotted some eyeliner with a $2 off manufacturer coupon attached for even more savings! ;) She's catching on quick!

I ended up purchasing a powder for me, a powder for her, and we split a set of fun Kohl eyeliners! All for the grand total of $0.97, well $2.59 including tax! Sometimes you can win the lottery!!! I love Physicians Formula products as they don't cause me to breakout, and I am eager to see if this "16 hour airbrush powder" holds up in this Southern Alabama humidity! ;) !

Continuing our couponing trip, my sister picked up some personal care items, and even chose the variety that had $5 of coupons inside the products, and saw how helpful it is to carry around your coupons (hence my compact coupon case that fits in my purse) as I had a $3 off 2 coupon for her! ;) Best of all, when we checked out and saw our savings tally on our receipt, we learned that both of our purchases had applied towards the "spend $30 on select products, get $10 in gas cards" which runs through this Saturday, my total just from the Physicians Formula cosmetics, I had 17.97 towards the $30 needed for a free $10 gas card! We each have a bit to go, but since it's calculated on the sale price of items (before coupons deducted) we shouldn't have to spend that much more out of pocket to get the deal if we buy the selected items and pair it with coupons!

So, couponing Jedi masters, Padawans, and lotteries, oh my! ;)

Note: Unfortunately, due to the split CVS sale ad this week, a new ad starts 7/4 -7/7, so I'm not sure if the $7 off any Physicians Formula sale will still be going on, but it's proof it pays to shop at drugstores!

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Loose Powder - $13.99
Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Pressed Powder - $13.99
Physicians Formula Custom Eye Enhancer Kohl Eyeliner - $10.99

Minus $21.00 from instant $7 off any Physicians Formula cosmetics item of $7 or more with CVS Card
Minus $15 off any Physicians Formula Cosmetics Purchase CVS coupon from CVS Coupon Machine 
Minus $2 off peelie coupon attached

= $0.97 cents (plus $1.62 tax) = grand total $2.59!


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