Thursday, September 6, 2012

Show Me Your Stockpile!

Somehow, in conversation with friends, it came up that I coupon. And the friends that know me well, know that I don't go overboard, stockpile, hoard, or clear shelves. First thing the other person asks, do you coupon like the TV show? Is your house filled with food/stuff everywhere? OMG. Why not? And every time it makes me *cringe*. Nope. In case you're wondering, here's my loot. It all fits in a pantry. Sure, sometimes it can be like a game of tetris. But you won't find a basement/garage full stocked like a Sam's Club or Costco.

And, this has become a big issue for me. I've had one or two little "soapbox sessions" you could say where I've planned a shopping trip, matchup and coupons in hand, often expecting a bump or two in the road with price differences and/or flavor offerings of items... only to find out that the shelves have been cleared. And lately, instead of trying to find where an item is at, I just look for the big gaping hole of where it should be. And I know to move on. Sure, some stores have rain check policies. But do you *really* need to clear out all three stores in the area of xyz? 

Where I live, there's been chatter, buzz, scuttlebutt, whatever you want to call it- but gossip about a store's possible *new* coupon policy. And folks are getting upset. I for one, not knowing the changes, but more than likely, I will welcome the changes. One, because if a store has to re-evaluate their coupon policy, that means there's a need for change, for them. I'm hoping it will just be the *enforcement* of coupon rules and restrictions on items. Especially with competitor coupons. And people are upset because they won't be able to buy their 25 boxes of Mater shaped gluten free noodles. Because that's just how crazy some people sound to me sometimes stockpiling. :) Check out this video from on Excuses Why People Don't Coupon--- Store Policys Keep Changing. #2 IS THE ANSWER! ;)

For a good read, I recommend reading the CouponProject's post on Ethical Couponing. Not everything is like the TV show. 


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