Sunday, August 29, 2010

Allons-y! CVS & Wags Deals!

"He who does not economize will have to agonize."-Confucius

 The "coupon" high! The picture above pretty much describes it. Have to say, I am not always filled with such enthusiasm when couponing! I have incorporated couponing into my lifestyle, making sure that I make grocery/toiletry purchases with coupons combined with sales, and purchasing large quanities when the price is RIGHT, but sometimes, I just hit that slump. I always thing, well, if I miss this week's deals, there's always next! 

I ended up making myself do some couponing at both CVS and Walgreens tonight, because I was in "need" of a few of the items, and they were good prices before this weeks deals ended tonight! Of course, after my couponing excursion is always an excitement of "YES! Why did I debate not even going couponing again?" ;) I was able to stock up on some needed items, which makes me think of that ol' quote above. Normally, my boy Ben Franklin is my kindred spirit frugal friend. But that quote gives me a little boost to keep the coupon train rollin to save money and help with each bit down the road! Having items on hand helps so much, it prompts me to budget, limit impulsive spending, and always have items available ;) And, that philosophy rolls over into other financial aspects of my life too, so win win. Now, these weren't "essential items" but couponing allows me to live a "more pampered" lifestyle with such items. Here's my loot:

CVS - 08.28.10 - 7 items for $8.78 (tax and all)! 
That's about $44 worth of goods for only $9
Arm & Hammer 2-in-1 Dryer Sheets - on sale BOGO
2 for $4.96 minus one (1) $1 off coupon = $3.69 for 2 boxes

Glade Lasting Impressions Starter Kit - on sale $5
minus one (1) $3 off coupon = $2

Two Glade Sense & Spray Starter Kits - on sale $5 each
Get $3 in Extra Care Bucks when you buy $10 worth
2 for $10 minus two (2) $3 coupons = $4 for 2
PLUS received $3 in ECB (paper money) for my next CVS transaction
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese - on sale $1
(I love some mac and cheese! So nolstalgic of childhood!)
Pet Bath Wipes - on clearance for $0.38 cents
(I saw these in a bin at the checkout, and it's a pretty big package! I thought hey, what the heck. Sometimes Bailey can manage to find something to get into...) 
PLUS I used a $4 off $20 or more purchase coupon for registering my e-mail at

Total before special CVS Extra Care card pricing: $44.64
Total after scanning CVS Extra Care card: $21.07
Total paid out of pocket after scanning card and coupons: $8.78 tax and all!
PLUS I got $3 in Extra Care Bucks (papermoney) for my next CVS purchase!
So technically, $5.78 for all that! ;) What I love, is that is just the cost of about one thing of dryer sheets! Woo hoo!
Walgreens - 08.28.10 - 10 items for $11.88 (tax and all)! 
That's about $50 worth of goods for only $12
  Index Cards: 100 per pack - reg $0.79 cents but special price @ $0.39 cents with in-ad Q
Sheet Protectors: 50 per pack - reg $4.99 but special price @ $1.99 with in-ad Q

Two bottles of Listerine Zero 500ml - on sale $2.99 each
minus two (2) $1 off in-ad Q AND two (2) $2 off mfr coupons = 2 bottles for FREE!

Four bottles of 16.9 oz Nivea Body Wash - reg $5.99 each
on sale Buy One Get One FREE
$11.98 for four bottles MINUS two (2) $4/2 Nivea products coupons = $4 for four bottles!

Two boxes of Glade Scented Oil Candle Refills (4pk)- on sale 2/$5
minus one (1) $2 off mfr coupon = 2 for $3!
I LOVE this scent!!! It's Vanilla Spiced Rose-- not a "typical" Glade scent! ;)

Wags Coupon Savings: $3.20
Wags Advertised Sale Savings: $18.96
Manufacturer Coupon Savings: $16
Total Savings: $38.16

Total after scanning CVS Extra Care card: $21.07
Total paid out of pocket: $11.88 tax and all!
Most of these deals ended tonight (Saturday, 8/28) but, I encourage you to view Southern Savers coupon match ups for this week! Here's the link to Southern Savers: CVS Match Up beginning 8/29 and Southern Savers Walgreens Match Up beginning 8/29! Southern Savers is my favorite coupon-match up site, they link to printable coupons and reference coupons from previous newspaper inserts, and best of all they give a FABULOUS explanation on how to start couponing!  There are even "starter" scenarios to help you get the swing of the Extra Care Bucks / Register Rewards (paper money for your next transactions!) and to keep those rolling to pay the least money out of pocket! ;)


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