Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Christmas in September?

I've got a lot of fun deals to post, so stay tuned! I'm getting ready for Publix shopping. Have you checked out the weekly ad @ ? Start your printer engine! On another note, I got a text from a friend this weekend on how they scored BANK at Walgreens with Register Rewards... and she knew I would understand her excitement! Ha! Simple pleasures in life!

I've been working on numerous projects, cleaning, rearranging, etc. I ended up organizing my Christmas gift supply/card storage. Annnd it inspired me to do some retail therapy! I just ordered 140 return address labels for Christmas from Vistaprint! I am so excited! I know a lot of people have economized with Christmas greetings as the cost of cards and postage are so expensive. Sadly, since I just transitioned into being a "big girl" I say to heck with it! I am going to spread cheer to mailboxes everywhere! :) I paid $3.18 cents for those 140 labels--- and that was just for "shipping and processing"! That's cheaper than ink, label paper, etc. And, return address labels are my favorite! I love personalizing my mail. If you want to order some fun goods from VistaPrint, check them out here. There are always specials on items for "free" plus shipping and handling. I always choose the slowest shipping, which is pretty reasonable if the item is FREE! My favorites are their return address labels which I've made into "A Gift from...", "From the Kitchen of..." and other label creations. I've even made some of their business cards into all occasion gift tags for a nice touch when I don't feel like writing a note or including a card with a gift! Oops... ;)

And, another note. Why am I plotting for Christmas this early? I think the cleaning/organizing bug is still with me! I am jazzed about Christmas because this past January/February I was able to scoop up the cutest Christmas and holiday cards on clearance at Hallmark and World Market for 50 cents to $1 a box! I was able to get about 5 boxes for FREE at Hallmark through their Rewards card promo and some reciept customer surveys! ;) Sometimes I see the same Christmas card designs over and over each year. And, as long as their not date specific, what the heck? If someone wants to call me out on having a Christmas card design they saw the previous year... bah humbug to them! I think they're missing the Christmas spirit!


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