Thursday, September 9, 2010

Check out Hip2Save's Birthday Goodies Post

This is a resource to check out for Birthday Goodies! I'm trying to share the goods! ;) Marketing campaigns by restaurants and manufacturers for deals, freebies, and coupon goodies on your birthday! I am a Hip2Save fanatic/cheerleader, so this is credited to Collin at Hip2Save! If you want a source for coupons, freebies, and deals in general I highly recommend bookmarking and following on Twitter! It's where I stay IN the know about deals and more! ;) 

For these deals and any others involving manufacturer's, I highly recommend creating a "couponing/deal" separate e-mail account so you can access those e-mails when you choose to, and also so you won't have to "sift" through coupon deals and personal e-mails, as sometimes it can get overwhelming! ;) It's the only way I roll!

View the Birthday Goodies post (thanks Hip2Save!) 

My favorites include: 

Blue Bell: Free 1/2 gallon coupon mailed to you via USPS during your birthday month!
Captain D's: Free Fish & Fries coupon in your welcome e-mail (saves $ on fast food cravings! bad ones! ;)
Chili's: coupons throughout the year for deals, birthday items, and more!
Coldstone Creamery: Free ice cream on your birthday! I used this coupon this year, I believe it was valid for the whole week/month of my birthday! ;)
Firehouse Subs: Free sandwich on your birthday! I got the e-mail for this one during my birthday, and I might be wrong, but I think it was valid for a timeperiod around my birthday as long as I showed my ID! ;)
IHOP: Free meal with welcome e-mail and birthday (I've used this one before!!! :) MMM!)
Moe's: Free meal on your birthday! (Again, I think this one is also for a time period around your birthday with presentation of coupon! ;)

And, maybe this is me, but I am still in the "starving college kid" mode to where these e-mails with coupons in welcome e-mails, various promos throughout the year, and birthday freebies really help curb the fast food/dining out beast and save me some $! ;)


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